Which would you consider the most worrisome as a parent of a child?

  • Robert Glickman - 2 years ago

    Add : Caving in to peer pressure

  • TL - 2 years ago

    IMO you should have put Opiodes/Illicit drugs together.

  • Mike Felling - 2 years ago

    Opioids by far. Opioids USED be what was in the news most often as a concern of parents, politicians and public health - but for some reason the fears of products with far less potential for harm (like "vaping") has taken over as the "cause of the day".

    Quick stat: In 2017 - per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 72,000 people died from opioid overdoses. Based on how many people are wringing their hands over kids "vaping" I have to ask - how many have died from using an e-cigarette?

    Parents should prioritize their worry based on ACTUAL risks, rather than perceived risks; that's why I chose opioids over all other options listed.

  • James Jarvis - 2 years ago

    Opiods, Alcohol and drugs are extremely dangerous and worry some as a parent. Vapor is not even in the top 20 of things to worry about.

  • C.B. - 2 years ago

    Kids who drink seem to do so right through life sometimes in huge amounts. Pot is not as addictive as booze so I see no huge issues with it. Kids who drink and drive have higher rates of accidents I believe.
    Illegal drugs require you to be motivated to work to support that habit and I haven't seen too many kids under 18 doing that either. So for my buck booze is easiest to get and abuse or use daily just like cigarettes!

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