Will Spencer's actions eventually hurt the new mayor?

Posted 2 weeks.


  • Patricia Wiggins - 1 week ago

    Enough already stop Ryan from killing everybody that's not a good storyline Ava sign out who killed her daughter and let her kill them all off

  • Bobbi - 2 weeks ago

    To Gwen Stevens:
    If Spencer hadn't tampered with the poll results before he left, it would not have given Laura an edge to regain support that time around. This way, Laura had time to gain support when, before, she didn't have time and should have missed entering the polls altogether. Any idiot could see that Laura was going to win this time around which made the whole campaigning process a big bore!

  • Gwen Stevens - 2 weeks ago

    Not sure what he has done this time. I thought he was back at school.

  • Maria-Antoinette Faris - 2 weeks ago

    I started watching GH at 13 yrs old; this year I turn 60. Laura is still one of my favorite
    can we not kill her off

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