Who is your favorite Rosales couple right now?

  • Christina Kramer - 2 years ago

    Ps. Keep Rey he is handsome and good actor and frankly a hunk. Besides the show will need a detective. Nice to have the Rosales because they are real like many. Not everyone is rich in life so it is fun to watch them mingle with the wealthy especially Mia. We will see another murder mystery so we will need Rey the sexy detective. Also bring back Tracy for a haunted house murder/mystery dinner theater experience in a real haunted house for charity but a real murder takes place. Remember the butler he can be to blame?

  • CK - 2 years ago

    Abbey and Devon seem to click well. Sharon and Rey but i do find Mia a real everyday person. She has a zany and funny side to her I like. Let her be with Arturo. Sharon and Rey click. Phyllis on her own for a while. Kerry to go psycho over Jack jealous on their trip or before it. Jack deserves a more mature woman his age and not linked up with Phyllis. Kyle and Lola. I love kyle. Fen and Ana. Nate maybe with new comer. I like Nate. Victoria and Billy. Cane is ok but with someone who is nice and can teach him help with the kids.

  • Pjmb - 2 years ago

    I like Mia and Rey. Sharon has been married way too many times. Let Mia and Rey reconcile..I'm not feeling Kyle or Lola. Arturo and Abby? Hey its Abby, has she grown up yet?

  • Lmj - 2 years ago

    None of them I wish that entire Rosales family would leave the shoe they serve no purpose

  • Carmen Torres - 2 years ago

    Ray and Sheron

  • Carmen G Torres - 2 years ago

    I voted for Kyle and Lola because I don’t want Ray with Mia sorry LOL. But I do like Kyle and Lola

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