Which camera layout do you prefer?

  • Jay - 3 years ago

    The Xr 2 refers look incredibly awful as of now and would look 10x better if they were changed to the dual camera look like the one on the X, Xs and Xs Max. The notch on these phones isn’t nearly as much of an eyesore as people make it out to be and the triple camera design would be very useful, but a square camera cutout for only two camera is pointless and highly unappealing.

  • John Caporal - 3 years ago

    Seriously, I remember the days of “zero” camera bumps. Speaking for myself, and perhaps others, I don’t need a high-end camera in my iPhone. “Essential” managed to produce a beautifully sculpted phone with little or no camera bump. There has to be a way to get rid of it. The iPhone X, XS, XR - are all beautifully constructed, until you look at the back of the phone. The camera bump looks like an after thought, a “kludge”. Apple, if it really wanted to, could engineer the bump away.

  • Bil - 3 years ago

    Get rid of the glass case/back. iPhones are incredibly expensive. And with that glass back, very easy to break. And again with that glass back with wireless charging capability, incredibly expensive to fix. These phones all but require AppleCare+. Return to aluminum - I don't really value wireless charging that highly. Or maybe ceramic if wireless charging is still important. Or even plastic. Just get rid of all of that glass.

  • Robert - 3 years ago

    One with Touch ID again and better dual camera. Doesn’t matter big or small notch but my next iPhone must have Touch ID. Thanks

  • Chuck Loeb - 3 years ago

    They are ugly as he'll. If this is the future of iPhone, no, thanks.

  • Rolf - 3 years ago

    I could live with such an enormous Camera Field if the bring it on the same Level as the Backplate Glass.
    They should stop trying to get the phones thinner and make a planar backside. Use this Space for more Battery and figure out a way to get the Phones up and running for 2-3 days without charging.

    For me this would be a game changer.

  • Dre Wilson - 3 years ago

    Unless they come up with a way to implement screen on screen or multi-window support, I will be sticking with my XS Max.

  • Fred the Head - 3 years ago

    They are are equally hideous.

  • Alberto Tecson - 3 years ago

    Whatever they put in them, just bring the prices down to acceptable levels.

  • Luke93 - 3 years ago

    FaceID components and camera under the display, where the area can be darkened when those components is needed. TLDR: melting notch.

  • Nico - 3 years ago

    Apple just build a proper phone lah . All your phones are the same . I suggest Build a proper nice looking iphone 11

  • Ruslan Zlenorozov - 3 years ago

    I want the smaller nothing however I prefer a different 3 camera layout.

  • Greg Moss - 3 years ago

    Just give us something exciting and newer at a reasonable cost!

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