What do you think of Buick as a crossover brand?


  • Marcus Button - 5 years ago

    Buick and GM will soon have the opportunity to be the last American brand to field a sedan (or coupe or convertible for that matter) that is not a nostalgic sporty car. That is a white space opportunity for GM. They have the models, via China's ongoing production if nothing else. Why waste the chance to be the last man standing in this space? Better yet, move production of one of the updated Chinese models to the US and play that for all its worth with those of us who still care about where its made...and what image we project. Old school? Maybe, but that is the role Buick will profit from in the US.

  • HOWARD L RESCOE - 5 years ago

    Brand loyalty can best be maintained by a complete product line. The remaining sedan buyers will go elsewhere and Buick will lose a customer. Is profitability the only measure for for product production?

  • Jack Kruer - 5 years ago

    I don't understand how Buick continues on with the marketing people currently used. The "New Buick" campaign is absolutely ineffective. It tells nothing of the merits of the vehicles. Let's look at the Regal. Since 2011 this has been a German Designed, German Engineered bargain in today's market. Not once has the public been told of this fact. The VW Passat (Over 500k sold between 2011-2018) BMW 3 Series, (370k 2014-2018) Mercedes C-Class (538k 2011-2018) and Buick Rega, (171k 2011-2018). Volvo sold 167k S60/V60 in the same time period!!! Are the significantly better vehicles? I think not. Then why have they all sold so much better? Could it possibly be that their marketing departments understand how to promote their own product on their own strengths. Opportunity missed. If the old and weak objection that Buick sales might infringe on Cadillac sales than maybe it's Cadillac that should be concerned about their quality/cache in the public's eyes. They don't seem to fare much better. Again missed opportunity. We are giving our auto industry away to the Germans, Japanese and Koreans! When the Chinese get here they will do the same thing. Remember they said the Japanese couldn't, and they did. They said the Koreans couldn't and they are. China will as well. Please get a new marketing dept and stop chasing trends, start setting them!

  • Bob kyle - 5 years ago

    We have a 2015 LaCrosse and were looking forward to a 2020 Avenir. Now that’s not possible. We are car people, not SUV people - obviously a vanishing breed. My personal car is a 2019 Cadillac ATS coupe - also a last of its kind. We may have to go the BMW route! Sadly.

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