For provider IT decision-makers: which service do you consult before buying software or services? (Poll Closed)
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  • Former Community CIO - 1 year ago

    I consult KLAS to know who the players are in a market. The comments can sometimes provide insight. I take the scores with a grain of salt. Get the report for a product you're very familiar with - how does the report compare with your experience? It's not perfect, but don't use it (or any 3rd party report) as the gospel. We all know how clients are recruited to appear - use that knowledge as part of your vetting. The same is probably true with Black Book - I'm just not as familiar with them.

  • Informed HIT - 1 year ago

    KLAS is bogus if you just took a minute to look at their population health space review and ratings of certain small vendors? very suspect ... do they look under the hood at the technology ? the actual software product, security, support,
    how is the product rated for pop health? end to end population health management is a joke for this vendor
    because you get to speak to senior management somehow you rate higher?
    what if you firm is 3 people and they are client facing so you get them on the phone every time Versus 10,000 person organization where you are connecting w/ your Sr. Account Exec, Director. VP etc ?
    one of the stupidest rankings in my opinion of pop. health vendors

    wake up KLAS

    A potential customer will be well served to conduct site visits w/ vendors and see the products in action.

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