Are you interested in attending a showing of Ill Met by Moonlight in London between 26 April to Tues 14 May or thereabouts subject to confirmation of costs?


  • Richard Stonhold - 5 years ago

    Although I voted "no", I would prefer to watch a screening of the film on an afternoon in London.

  • David Barker - 5 years ago

    I have a long-standing interest in PLF having first visited Crete in1965 with a group of students led by one of the SOE/PWE officers who was there in the war. We met people who had helped them, and also members of Manoli Paterakis' family.

    I am also an enthusiast for the the films of Powell and Pressburger. My knowledge of the making of the film comes mainly from Michael Powell's writings - and is therefore not exclusive to me - but you do need someone to talk about this.

    I have a copy of the film on DVD but obviously you need to get permissions for public showing.

  • Chris Little - 5 years ago

    Central London location excellent. If price not too high, could bring various friends and relatives.

  • Sue Gibbons - 5 years ago

    Hi Tom, I know that you also live in Winchester. Do you think we could persuade the Screen into showing it - I suppose

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