Is Phyllis justified in hating Victor?

  • CBSFan4evr - 2 years ago

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  • CBSFan4evr - 2 years ago

    Phyllis has nothing on Victor! I've watched from the beginning. While both have done horrible things they haven't actually been brought to justice for, we were leaving to believe Phyllis killed roommate Sasha & covered it up in a fire, Victor imprisoned Julia's lover in the basement of the ranch, watched him on closed circuit monitors, starved him, barely have him water, the dumped rats into the concrete dungeon for him to kill with his bare hands & eat raw! Julia lost the baby she was carrying. He was horrible to her too! Forced Michael to break laws to steal shelf space from Jabot for brash & sassy, preyed on Patti & after facial surgery, turned her loose on Jack & Genoa City resulting in the death of Colline (Abbott) Carlton! Treated all of children horribly, has played both God & Satan simultaneously with his grandchildren! Driven people crazy, turned them on his children then protected them. Slept with his sons' wife, daughter's best friend, tried to keep Kyle from Jack, committed unspeakable acts against every person he's ever claimed to love. Pitted all his children against each other, & has never exhibited remorse other than some tears (for himself) after his stroke, immediately followed by trying to punish Victoria with Nick while she was trying to heal from JT. Never supported Victoria in any relationship.
    THEN called Kelly's death, kidnapped Jack & have him to Kelly while putting a dangerous felon in Phyllis' bed! No she couldn't tell because the writers wrote it that way, only after making her feel worse because Marco was more exciting in bed. That is sexual assault! The writers have written his character as that of a psychopath & the fans think nothing of it!! I'm fed up with the character because he isn't written as human! Flawed, good complex, holier than thou yes but no remorse for CC, didn't soften as Traci about asked after giving him CC's heart! No remorse about abandoning Adam, not asking Nick & Victoria to give him a chance. Treats Abby horribly! Adam is younger than his children with Nikki but he did everything he could to get rid of Nikki's son she had prior to meeting him!
    Phyllis has been written off after bad behavior but Victor goes from one heinous act to another.
    I question the viewer that can't accept both Phyllis & Sharon are human, have flaws, have made mistakes & will make more but Victor doesn't pay for his sins! Finally had a day in court, bribed a judge, attacked all family members involved, seduced the prison Doctors without any consideration of her feelings to use her to gain freedom with the bonus of sticking it to her dad. Was released early & returned immediately to his life as psychopath or at minimum sociopath!

    As fans we should set a boycott date soon if the new powers that be don't announce the return of Doug Davidson!!

  • Grannyof3 - 2 years ago

    I'm starting to wonder what that Kerry's up to with Jack. I've started thinking she's working to maybe help bring that fake Jack back. That would be great. Billy and Jack offered her alot of money to take over Ashley's old job. (So glad she's gone) but anyway she took the job for Phyllis. Started seeing Jack and is acting very weird but Jack is as dumb as Nick. He hasn't thought the way she acts is weird and she could be up to something. I'M so hoping that's the reason she with Jack. So fake Jack will come back a Phyllis can't be alone so when Nick and her split up she'll run right to Jack and it will be the Fake Jack. I believe it will be Victor who set that in motion. Now as far as the JT Story it has just about made me stop watching, Phyllis could be working with him to try to keep herself out of jail. Everything has been pointing to her now that I think of it. See was the one that said he's dead not call the law and supposedly got rid of all the evidence that's starting to show up. Driving Nikki crazy.Her with Nick nobody would think anything about her going to the ranch putting all the stuff so Nikki loses it and she would love for Victor to go down for the murder. Makes some sense. Just wish they would bring Paul, Dylan and Lilly back. Get rid of Rey and Mia they don't even have a story line that goes with R&R.

  • Emily - 2 years ago

    Phyliss has reasons to hate Victor, that Jake swiching of Jack. The fake Jack that was so different then the real Jack but she COULD NOT TELL TGE DIFFERENCE Phyliss fell in love with the Fake Jack & hates Victor for her own feeling. She blames Victor for her marriage going bad & let this Fake Jack sexually use her. Phyliss love it.!!!!
    Phyliss is just as BAD OR WORST than Victor. Don't forget she has killed before. & done ALOT of evil things. For her selfish resons & wants. Not to PROTECT anyone BUT HERSELF!!!!

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