Who was your Cunt of the Year?

Posted 1 month.


  • Ralph - 4 weeks ago

    Gotta b that CUNT tony aperatif - OOC sniffed out that bell end right away.... eh.....

  • Mr Fretz - 4 weeks ago

    I think Mrs. V1 deserves at least an honorable mention. You know...for denying V1 the goods. But to be fair, who'd be horny after Sunny's rippling fart?

  • Shaun Peterson - 5 weeks ago

    I'll be honest, there are probably people more deserving based on their actions within your episodes... but I just can't not vote for Cunt Hogan.

  • Chris K - 5 weeks ago

    My vote goes to Micah Bell from Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Oliver Willis - 5 weeks ago

    I would've picked Hogan again, but Shawn is way overdue and getting someone fired is, in my mind, much worse than Hogan sabotaging the booking for umpteenth time.

  • CC - 5 weeks ago

    Undoubtedly V1 is cunt of the year for that clip alone XD

  • Albert Phillips - 5 weeks ago

    Screwing over Bret's and yokozunas momentum for no reason, burying the championship in front of Japanese press, and not doing the right thing and putting over bret at SummerSlam who else seriously can challenge this amount of cuntery?

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