What does Garin do on his turn? (Poll Closed)

  • The card will make it so Garin has to fuck her tits till he gets off. But he will refuse to do so until they are as big as an average Capatian woman’s breasts. As she sits, waiting for her breasts to slowly grow, she will struggle with the growing pressure as milk builds up inside of them as well as the verbal abuse Garin and the crowd showers her with.

  • He is about to play a card when the shouting of the audience reminds him he needs to please them by humiliating her. He changes his mind about what he’s going to play and instead plays a card that lets him play two. One will make it so she has to get down on the floor and try and use her tits to “mop up” all the cum she left there after blasting the priestess. The card will declare that the more cum she leaves behind the more energy she’ll lose in her crystal. The other card he plays lets him fuck her from behind as she does this!

  • The thing that turned him on the most was how she came from having her tits played with. He plays a card that lets him play a few this turn, one making her breasts insanely sensitive, once making it so breast pleasure will make her horny and dumb, and another so he gets to use her tits to get off. He will then spend a great deal of time rubbing his hard cock on her tits and nipples as she gets dumber and dumber, cumming over and over again until he HAS to fuck her tits. Just before he cums the story will pause with a poll to determine where he cums (remember, the more she swallows the more she’ll become addicted to it)

  • Garin plays a card that lets him fuck her. He will bend her over the table and fuck her pussy form behind but while he does so he will be squeezing her tits, trying to milk her like “a cow”. She will be humiliated yet get off, leaving her disoriented and confused. Only as she sits to take her turn and feels some of his cum leaking out of her pussy into the chair will she, and the crowd, remember that she is now instantly impregnated!

  • Garin is turned on by her lactation. He wants more and plays a card that will make her breasts quickly double in size again, filling with milk till it comes exploding out in jets of cream. As this happens he’ll lean back, pulling his cock out and jerking off to the sight. Emilee will be left humiliated, no longer feeling the “joy” of the game and once again angry and full of despair.

  • Garin wants to get off, but he fears once he does so he’ll be spent. He wants it to be as memorable as it can be, so he plays a card that makes his cock grow (at the cost of some of the energy form his scoring crystal) so that it will became nearly as long and thick as his forearm. He’ll take his pants off to show both the crowd and Emilee. It will then be her turn, her hand still full of cards that will make her do something sexual to him.

  • Garin wants to fuck her too bad to play a card. He drops them on the table and leaps back up, moving quickly around the table and grabbing Emilee, tossing her up onto the table and starting to finger her before spreading her legs open and plunging his cock in her. He’ll fuck her hard and fast, cumming quickly in her. She’ll be taken by surprise and go along, even getting off. But as soon as he cums she’ll feel magical pulse in her belly and be reminded that she is now impregnated! As she is reeling with this thought the deck will declare a penalty against Garin for fucking her without playing a card. His crystal is nearly emptied and both have their cards discarded and redrawn.

  • He plays a card that makes it so Emilee can’t move. She’s left sitting in her chair, her arms at her sides and her head fallen forward. She will remain this way till Garin gets off, and only then will she be able to move and take her next turn. Garin pulls her chair back, eager to play with her body. He takes his pants off and is initially fixated with her breasts, rubbing his hard cock up against one and smearing oozing precum on it. The story will then pause with a new poll to determine how he gets off and how Emilee and crowd react.

Poll posted 9 months ago.

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