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  • Peculiar - 5 weeks ago

    Ok so I voted romance because feelings are important in a relationship. However it doesn't mean that wealth isn't important as well but when you say money and nothing else then I'd have to go with romance cause money will not comfort me when I'm sad or listen when I need someone to talk to. They are both important for a relationship to work

  • Dami. O - 5 weeks ago

    I can't see my self living without both of them.
    But I'd say love and money as opposed to romance and money

  • Dayo - 5 weeks ago

    Romance surpasses everything other material things.. Anyone can give You money but who is that soul that appreciate and love your heart regardless of the material attachment. I seek romance money will always come and go.

  • Lala - 5 weeks ago

    If there is no wealth romance will die and chaos will set in then become domestic. Wealth can usher in romance

  • Jufunk - 5 weeks ago

    Romance Ginni? Romance is cheap and Can b gotten from goat,cat,dogs and the likes, we need to look into how Romance work d same man u Marry cos of romance will definitely go for someone else though am not of the opinion Dat we should base our life on money but I still don't agree any woman will go into marriage Cos of ROMANCE... with money u can buy take though.. Arohasalome giving it hotpot... #Arohalahot#

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