Which of the following has the greatest potential to improve your work life?

  • Kavitha - 2 years ago

    There are goals assigned and measures for deliverables but by how much further can one scale up to make bigger impact as a whole usually doesnt come across.
    Either incremental contributions by way of goal alignment is encouraged or there are sometimes discouragement for limitations of hierarchy!

  • Tamar Balkin - 2 years ago

    Over the years I have always benefited greatly when I have set up ‘business groups’ of like minded entrepreneurs who do not directly complete with me, we answer questions,challenge, support and celebrate with each other.

  • Chantelle Janse van Rensburg - 2 years ago

    Communication Communication Communication

  • Amarjeet - 2 years ago

    Increased confidence can help in point 1) by good negotiation skills
    & point 3) by persuasive approach.
    Both demand, Assertive communication which comes from Self-Confidence .

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