Small fleet owner-ops: What is the most difficult aspect of moving beyond a single truck?


  • Patrick Foor - 4 years ago

    Ramon's comment about cheap loads, which I don't think is us small guys, it is the medium to large companies that tend to push the price down, just so they can keep their truck moving and their drivers busy, even if it only makes them a few hundred dollars they don't care. Florida is a great example of Companies taking whatever they can to get out of there, most loads are around a $1 a mile to get out it seems.

    But the single biggest problem is finding drivers who are responsible and want to work. I have only two trucks, mine and one O/O. His great, but he cares, because he is driving his truck. I want to get another truck, but have not found a driver.

  • Ramon - 4 years ago

    STOP TAKING CHEAP FREIGHT. How can someone run a company with loads paying $2000 from NJ- Miami and $1500 Miami to NJ!! DONT DO THOSE TRIPS, YOU ARE MESSING UP THE BUSINESS! YOU MUST MAKE ATLEAST $2/mi ROUNDTRIP to be profitable

  • Wayne VanHooser - 4 years ago

    There’s two major hurdles when expanding to more than one or two trucks. Number one thing that starts you out almost in the red is the money for insurance. Number two is the ability to find drivers that can and will take care of your equipment and also not always thinks he knows more than you.

  • Eddie - 4 years ago

    The main hold back for is generating enough money to purchase one truck and operational money for both trucks.

  • Allen Cobler - 4 years ago

    Cash flow is major problem. Getting paid from brokers that run on our money for 30 or 40 days so we resort to factoring companys and we lose another 3 to 5% on the loads.

  • Orlando Rico - 4 years ago

    Poor paying loads. Every time we accept loads that we are actually losing money to deliver we shoot ourselves in the foot. You tell me how getting paid $750 to drive 1400 miles makes sense but people take those loads. Sometimes we are our own worse enemies.

  • James Kitzmann - 4 years ago

    Cash flow

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