I bought the Mavic 2 and the DJI Goggles Racing Edition and have:


  • Jack Window - 4 years ago

    Purchased DJI RE goggles 201
    In analogue racing mode the range is abismal, not usable beyond 50m tx 25mw and 150m tx 600mw
    Did comparison with three other goggle types to confirm fault.
    All confirmed in analogue mode there is no video range with the DJI RE goggles.
    Further test confirmed that with or without aerial attached using DJI supplied or other third market LHCP, RHCP, dipoll, yaggi directional, makes no difference to range in analogue.
    Appears to be attachment aerial fault. Suspect RMA connector on goggles faulty
    Will be returning to DJI as totally unacceptable and proved faulty.
    In digital mode using Phantom 4 the RSSI indicator in goggles is inoperative, shows 5 bars at signal loss at 5.4km line of sight

  • Sean - 5 years ago

    at the advise of DJI customer service, I sent mine in to be "repaired"

    They sent me a bill for $240.00

    been emailing back and forth for a month now, and the best they will do is offer a 15% discount off the bill.

    Anybody know a good consumer rights laywer?

  • Walter G - 5 years ago

    Bought a new Mavic 2 Zoom and a set of DJI Racing Goggles. Without the goggles my range is great with the goggle my is cut by more than half. Very spooky to have a complete loss of control. I get loss of GPS signal. I get a screen freeze. And get a complete disconnect. If I hurry and turn off the goggles I will get my signal and control. Very poor setup. Very disappointed is this combo.

  • Jarod - 5 years ago

    Can't fly my mavic 2 zoom more than 100m with the RE goggles.

  • Mario - 5 years ago

    Dissapointed too. Spent 750$ for the Goggles RE and cannot use them as advertised.
    I cannot fly more than 150m if using the Goggles RE. Without the I flew more that 2km last time.

  • TR Ganey - 5 years ago

    It is sad that DJI is not stepping up to the plate and taking care of it's customers. I really wish I had my money back for the RE goggles. They definitely do not work as advertised.

  • JD - 5 years ago

    Re: MIKE msg
    Im sorry if youve missed your return dste, but really if theyre working out to 3km then your one of the lucky folks and you should keep them.
    I, along with most thst Ive resd about having the range issues, are having the problem constantly The only break from my failed flights with the Goggles RE were 3 now, all over Lake Mich, with ZERO INTERFERENCE, whereas all the others were in residential areas with mild wifi interference, but still perfectly handleable for the Mavic 2 w/o the Goggles on/linked.
    This brings me to the question I wanted to ask you:
    What enviroment are you fkying in? Does changing enviroments change your Goggles RE performance.

  • Mike - 5 years ago

    Just wondering whether those with range problems are having them all the time or is this intermitant?
    I bought my goggles very recently and only tried them a couple of times. No problems so far. I haven't even bothered screwing the aerial in and flown nearly three kms.
    The reason I'm asking is that I can still send the goggles back to Amazon.

  • JD - 5 years ago

    Thank u for doing this poll and hopefully bringing attention to this issue. I sincerely believe this issue can be fixed thru software updates, specificly to how the combo handles rf interference. The major problem is getting DJI to care about their already released products reputation and reliability, as they do about pushing thier new products!!! Lets hope.

  • Chad - 5 years ago

    Very disappointed with the range

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