Which Cadillac engine name do you like more?

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  • William Kirkland - 7 months ago

    I saw a lot of Northstar engines available in junkyards in early days before 2007...seems had small valves and problems with valve train/gaskets and valve stem seals. Most mechanics I know don't like working on them and in rural areas, they go and get a used one and swap it out - still no better.
    Don't know the year, but a man in Richmond, VA has a red 4 door caddy that is highly modified in valve timing, heads and headers...Corvette club does not like it when he runs at local strip as he is in the low 11s and over 124 mph in 1/4; it also sound bad and he drive with flipflops when he can as floor is hot!

  • Fred Fultz - 11 months ago

    Early year Northstars had a lot of oil / seal issues. Up and away with a new name and logo !
    I had an Olds Aurora V8 that I think was the same basic engine. Unique Great performance, but it too liked a little oil.

  • terry - 11 months ago

    Totally agree with Kim Foster. As a owner of four Cadillac Allante's I have seen the issue described. Re-Sale of NorthStar engine vehicles has been hurt. New day is needed.

  • PHILIPPE MARTEL - 11 months ago


  • Kim Foster - 11 months ago

    The Northstar engine did have the head gasket issue caused by stretching headbolts. So that did givee that name a negitive reputation. Time to move on to the next generation. Hopefully all those prior issues have been resolved. It's a new day!

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