Would you like the option to automatically delete expired tickets and boarding passes?

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  • Jim Knisley - 4 months ago

    I like the delete option, but I would also want to be able to set the number of days to keep before deleting. Usually, if a week has passed with the flight was complete I don't need the boarding pass for anything. But, it would also be nice to be able to lock a pass so it doesn't get deleted just in case I think I might need it for something later.

  • A. K. - 10 months ago

    I’ve never used Wallet for a boarding pass, but I use it for movie tickets frequently, and they all also exist in the cinema’s app and in email. I like the current ticket to be in Wallet, but it’s only convenient when it’s the only one there. The proposal here is an option in Settings to delete the expired ones automatically: you don’t have to turn it on if you magically have passes that exist only in Wallet and nowhere else. As for me, I’d hate for my expired tickets to be archived; I want them out of Wallet without having to spend valuable time deleting them, either one by one or en masse.

  • Mike Homoki - 1 year ago

    I’m in the archive category. I’d love to keep old boarding passes for momento sake yet select archive so I do t have to see them in the wallet unless I want to.

    Like taking something out of your wallet when it gets bulky and throwing it in the junk drawer versus the trash.

  • hh009 - 1 year ago

    Add a section below call Expired Passes (or archive) and then you don't even need a setting "automatically move outdated passes to expired section".

  • Fritiof Schiller - 1 year ago

    Archive old tickets an boarding passes is the obvious solution as others gave suggested before ne.

  • M. Z. Yahsi - 1 year ago

    I'd also like them to be archived rather than deleted. In one case, my mother had visited us in NL (entering to EU from Germany) and they didn't stamp her passport. When she was leaving from NL, border patrol took her to the questioning room and asked for her proof of her flight for entering EU. Luckily I had the boarding passes as PDF (not in the wallet since the airline didn't support that), so she showed the boarding pass and she was free to leave NL. After this case, I'm keeping all my boarding passes even though they have expired.

  • rohi - 1 year ago

    more important, keep them in an archive,

  • Kenton - 1 year ago

    Not delete — archive. And then allow the archive to be purged at user discretion

  • Tom Wolsky - 1 year ago

    What determines when the boarding pass has expired? Flight’s delayed 24 hours. Is the pass gone? Gates get updated. Departure times update on good passes. Let the user determine when to get rid of it. It’s really not that hard.

  • Max L - 1 year ago

    I like the idea or it automatically removing a Pass from my Digital wallet, but after numerous plane changes and flight delays, the pass automatically deleting could be huge nightmare... Especially after I have boarded a plane, only for the plane to go "Tech" and swap planes on the same boarding pass, so have had to rebound. What happens if the pass deletes itself in between?

  • Yesh Medicinebird - 1 year ago

    Just as Cameron said, I want to get them out of the immediate scroll, but would love the option to 'archive' my old tickets.

  • Cameron Bales - 1 year ago

    There is no romance to an electronic ticket, but I can imagine people wanting to save them like they do a physical ticket.

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