Will you participate if there is a nationwide trucker shutdown April 12?


  • Ronald Martin - 5 years ago

    Get over the elds they are here to stay and there's really nothing wrong with them I'll keep rolling while y'all park

  • Scott - 5 years ago

    If any driver shuts down, will fire every driver period. All drivers are a dime a dozen.

  • Snowman - 5 years ago

    They pushing buttons on a computer we out there in the real world

  • Snowman - 5 years ago

    They not out there driving they give you shity load and expect you to make money they don't know the first thing about trucking

  • Snowman - 5 years ago

    Dispatcher sick

  • Clobi - 5 years ago

    Oh and I forgot to mention that on April 12 my Fleet will be shut down and I will like to park it 4 a few day on the check ✔ Point of the mountain pass South l15 NV/CA Scale. So no one crosses over to California to bring them any products so they can see the importance of our Job and stop harassing us over a 55 mph Rediculous speed limit. We are professional drivers just as they are proffessional officers.
    So let us do our Job which is to drive at a reasonable speed so we can make a living and quit making bullshit excuses to keep taking our money and running our careers n our business

  • Clobi Rodriguez - 5 years ago

    First of all no owner or dispatcher is in a position to fire any drivers. They are 2 big ????s trying to intimidate and place fear on the drivers who they are Ripping off in the first place. I have a fleet and I can't find qualified drivers. I get I out of 5 who can be clear to Roll by my network. This industry is a cut throat from brokers to Dispatcher who always lie to keep you intertwined to big companies who are using people as madern day slaves. You know who you are.

  • Miguel sandoval - 5 years ago

    Everyone needs to shut down for a month so the pay can get better you won't get richer nor poor in a month but we can change this industry like it use to be back in the day's when professional drivers and owners operator where uninitiated like our forfathers set the way for new generation they will be very disappointed in us now this days so let us stand together like back in the 70'S in the time wherewe were strong and united as one trucking industry
    And let us show this industry what we can do together
    and stop all the trucks on April the 12 this the fantom 509 know as big joe with big rubber duck and the

  • Blake - 5 years ago

    While I agree that things need to change, I will not associate with an organization whose leaders threaten those that are trying to help. I don't want my family to have a target on their back for no reason!

  • Scoe - 5 years ago

    The more drivers shut down on the 12th the more there will be loads available.

  • Richard Davis - 5 years ago

    Dispatcher, Yes driving jobs are a dime a dozen, you IDIOT. if you do " your driver " a favor and FIRE him/her, he can find a better job tomorrow.

  • James J Schiebrel - 5 years ago

    Just about every trailer out here has a sign for the company needing drivers. In 22 years of driving I've never seen a sign advertising to hire dispatchers.

  • James J Schiebrel - 5 years ago

    So 72 percent say they will shut down. I bet 50 percent of those are just voting yes but won't shut down.

  • Norman Smith - 5 years ago

    First of all, facebook is not a union. We need collective bargaining power if we intend to achieve anything.
    To you dispatcher, you are a blasted fool and I do hope all your drivers (if you can afford to hire purchase a single truck) park in front of your gate throw away the keys by then.
    Anyway, in the long and short of it, I don't see anything can be achieved without a union so until then it's back to the drawing board

  • Richard Adkins - 5 years ago

    To that big mouth dispatcher that's why drivers don't stick to gather cause of people like that that don't really care if drivers bring there kids milk diapers food gas I'm sick of people treating most of us drivers like crap

  • Dispatcher Buster - 5 years ago

    To that useless @ss "dispatcher", you are beyond a joke. The only thing thats a dime a dozen is YOU! Bwahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

  • Another Driver - 5 years ago

    Vote the Teamsters into your company. Then everyone will stick together during a shutdown. As for the "dispatcher" comment about writing up "his" driver's. You are a joke. You don't have any drivers. You have co-workers. With an attitude like yours, you need to pray forgiveness for treating people like you described on your post.

  • Driver - 5 years ago

    My dispatcher has tried to fire me several times over the years but the operations manager keeps telling him to go pack sand. Dispatchers are the ones that are a dime a dozen. Clock watching, alcoholics.

  • Dispatcher - 5 years ago

    If any of my drivers shut down, they will all be written up, Final Warning, FIRED. Those drivers are a dime a dozen. It's bad enough they are all lazy throughout the year, they find anything to get out of driving.

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