How do you feel about Y&R's Victor?

  • Gwen love - 2 years ago

    I love Victor. I missed him during the time he was not on the show. The older he gets the better and distinguished he look. Continue to stay on the show as long as you can. Love ys

  • Lowanna Newell-Bishop - 2 years ago

    I love to hate Victor.... He's the best & I Love his and Jack's relationship they hate each other but they have mad respect for each other in their own way they are really always there for each other if you really look at it don't ever want to see Victor leave and I want to see Jack be happy for once and beat victory at least one time

  • Sky - 2 years ago

    Yep Phyllis is the bad guy it’s so obvious she needs to finally lose it all let her plan back fire on her! And what about the video camera who’s videoing the Newman’s. I pray Nick finds out and is furious with her enough to leave her just like Billy

  • Myra foster laster - 2 years ago

    Victor I'd the guy you love to hate but he is still a great actor and really had perfected his character nobody else can ever play that part he an Nikki. Inseparable couple

  • Deon Johnson - 2 years ago

    I love him soo bad the show it not nice without him all

  • Senolia Thigpen - 2 years ago

    Victor makes show, if he leaves I will no longer watch the young and the Restless Love Him

  • Phyllis Johnson - 2 years ago

    Love him. Things happen when he around. The show got a breath of life with Victor around. Newman ranks close when he is around. Action happen when he is around. The other actors are good, but they carry on by them selves.

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