Who was the Jackson area boys prep athlete of the week for Jan. 21-26? (Poll Closed)

  • Demarius Boyd, Haywood. Boyd scored 46 points as the Tomcats beat Ripley and Covington.
    26 votes

  • Phenix Street, Bradford. Street scored 43 points as the Red Devils beat Gleason and South Fulton.
    9 votes

  • Somajay Epperson, North Side. Epperson scored 32 points as the Indians beat Adamsville and Scotts Hill.
    9 votes

  • Jackson Crouse, Greenfield. Crouse scored 28 points as the Yellowjackets beat Gleason on Friday.
    108 votes

  • Tristin Atkins, McNairy Central. Atkins scored 27 points, including the game-winner, as the Bobcats beat Chester County on Friday.
    96 votes

  • Ben Austin, McKenzie. Austin scored 48 points as the Rebels beat Big Sandy and West Carroll.
    584 votes