2019 | How do Doctors Feel About Medicinal Marijuana in the U.S. in the years ahead?

  • I am a Physician and not in favor of its use/legalization.

  • I am not in favor of recreational use, in part because of links/studies re: to mental illness and violence.

  • believe we should treat habitual users aggressively and warn them of the associated risks.

  • As a physician, I want marijuana users and addicts to be treated as patients – and not criminals – while at the same time I am very aware that regular marijuana use carries significant health risks.

  • I am in favor of decriminalization and regulated like alcohol and tobacco.

  • I am just not sure yet. Although, we already do have enough studies and education.

  • Physicians need more CEUs and General Education from the latest Studies to evaluate its impact/effectiveness/harmful effects, etc.

  • it should not be used to treat morning sickness, and recreational use of any kind should include consideration of potential side effects especially effects on mental health.

  • Marijuana is a useful drug medically when it comes to treating chronic pain, epilepsy, as well as the debilitating pain of cancer and the nausea of cancer treatments.

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