Pick our next Marathon: (Poll Closed)

  • Hal Ashby

  • John Cassavetes

  • Marlene Dietrich

Poll posted 9 months ago.

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  • Daniel Gullett - 8 months ago

    Very excited that these are the three choices, personally, I'd most want to see Dietrich win, seems like it would be the most interesting person to "get to know", but I'd be fine with really any of these people winning.

  • Sarah Staggs - 8 months ago

    I think you need to just make these your next three marathons, regardless of which wins. They are all worth doing, and I wouldn't want to see the two losers get lost in the mix and never get done.

  • Kevin White (Carol Stream, IL) - 8 months ago

    I agree that I think the Cassavettes joke is funny enough to push this off another year, plus the only film of his I've seen is SHADOWS and I... didn't love it. But those Ashby movies have been on my Blindspots of Shame list for long enough, so I think I need to finally scratch those off this year with or without you.

  • I love running jokes so I’m basically voting against Cassavettes. I’ve already seen BEING THERE, so that would put me one ahead on an Ashby marathon. Ashby it is, then!

  • Darren - 8 months ago

    Take my vote with a grain of salt: I've seen zero Dietrich, two Ashby (Being There and Harold & Maude), and three Cassavetes (Shadows, Faces, and A Woman Under the Influence).

    I voted for Cassavetes. If for no other reason, you need to see Shadows (Cassavetes's debut), which helped make 1959 perhaps the best movie year. It's also such a clear influence on Scorsese.

  • Kenny Meier - 8 months ago

    I know Casavettes will probably win this poll, and I will happily watch and listen along, but I was so excited that Ashby's name got thrown into the mix that he has to get my vote. He, along with Altman, was one of the first "old" filmmakers, meaning pre-Home Alone and Jurassic Park, who's catalogue I dove into, an experience that opened my eyes to the wonderful world of 70s cinema. Harold and Maude had been brought up in FS Top 5's, then a super hip friend of mine told me that it was her favorite movie, so I added it to my Netflix queue... My Netflix DVD queue, remember those? I felt like I was able to make sense of Wes Anderson, The Coen Brothers, Martin Scorsese, and pretty much every other 'indie' movie with not completely sympathetic characters and amazing rock and roll soundtracks (see: Juno, my favorite movie the year I started listening to filmspotting). Since then I've seen all but one of the Ashby movies on the potential marathon list (Coming Home), and now consider him one of my favorite auteurs who's fingerprints are all over the movies I love (Rushmore and Royal Tenenbaums are practically Ashhy covers, in the best ways possible, ie, the scene where Margot meets Eli on the walking bridge to 'belittle' him). Coupled with reading the masterpiece Easy Riders and Raging Bulls, watching these quirky gems has broadened my love for cinema, andI look forward to hearing you guys dive deep in HA's unique and fascinating repertoire.

  • Zac Chavez - 8 months ago

    The only thing better than doing a Marlene Dietrich marathon would be being part of a community that voted to do a Marlene Dietrich marathon. Vote Dietrich!

  • Patrick Banks - 8 months ago

    I can't believe I am asking you to wait for the Cassevettes marathon, but please wait. I would have fully supported this marathon in the fall when all of his films were available via Filmstruck. I will fully support this marathon again when the new Crieterion streaming service is is play. Until then, go with Hal Ashby as his films are more readily available. Plus, I DVR'd Bound for Glory over a year ago and need an excuse to watch it!

  • Adam Fromm - 8 months ago

    Your excuses end here, comrades. Cassavetes' legacy is patient, but there's only so long you can hide.

  • Tausif Khan - 8 months ago

    Cassavetes must be the next marathon if for no other reason than to bring awareness to the need for a proper DVD/Blu-Ray release of "Minnie and Moskowitz".

  • Jon Demske - 8 months ago

    Guys. Please. It has to be Cassavetes. Why? Because my excuses for not watching his films yet are running thin and so are yours. I need you to bite the bullet so I’ll be forced to do the same. The time for the JC Marathon has come.

  • Larry from Austin - 8 months ago

    Being There and Harold and Maude were a couple of my best movie experiences when I was in high school and helped spark a lifelong love for movies. They both demonstrate Ashby's talent for creating memorable, unique characters that stay with you long after the show's over and, for some, months, years, or a lifetime after.

  • Erin - 8 months ago

    Funny Marlene Dietrich, should be the third option... Gena Rowlands was apparently a huge fan of Dietrich, with her role in Gloria partially inspired by the German actress. But, it has to be Cassavetes. I've been hoping you guys would resurrect that long nascent promise of a Cassavetes marathon ever since I embarked on my own journey through his films a couple years ago. And, I second the addition of Gloria and Love Streams!

  • Matt White in Indy - 8 months ago

    When Cassavetes wins, you should add Husbands. My friend and I just watched it and had quite a discussion. It would give you guys a lot to debate. Would love to hear your takes.

  • Sam Bass - 8 months ago

    I voted Cassavetes for several reasons. First, as Adam mentioned it has been teased for as long as I've been listening! Second, I can't think of a body of work more apt for reappraisal in the "Me Too" era than his, so minutely focused as his work often was on the power dynamics of the (sometimes figurative, sometimes literal) push and pull of flirtation and relationships between men and women. Third (and most importantly), I already own the box set and would love to break it out again. I would listen eagerly to either an Ashby or a Dietrich marathon, but I really hope Cassavetes carries the day this time.

  • Christopher Reese - 8 months ago

    You need to include Harold and Maude in the Ashby list if he wins. Even if you both have seen it before.

  • Nigel Smith - 8 months ago

    Voting for Cassavetes. Feel like he's the one I need the biggest nudge to watch - have only seen one of the films on the list but have had blu-rays of two more of the others on the shelf for a few years at least!

  • Doug Dickinson - 8 months ago

    I have no idea if the movie choices are set in stone or if there is room for more to be added, but Love Streams and Gloria would make great additions should Cassavetes win. Looking forward to the marathon, no matter which of these three you go with.

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