Are you upset Flo didn't back out?
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  • Nea - 2 years ago

    Hope doesn’t need a baby it would have been better had her daughter been still born and she be grieving and Steffy adopts a baby as she has done.

  • christina castro - 2 years ago

    I want to find out if And when We going to find now if Kelly is really Liam or bills And then I want hope to be able to hold her daughter and know that that is her daughter and long her to do a blood test

  • Pamela - 2 years ago

    They need to quit dragging this out . Please give hope and Liam there baby. I don't like how you writers are doing this . It's not fair to hope because she always is the one that get hurt . While Stephanie gets to play mommy . So please change this so hope can raise her baby .

  • Robin - 2 years ago

    I refuse to watch this show until you give Hopes baby back to her. These writers are so disappointing, same old story from other shows.
    I don't care if it doesn't include Liam, his character has gone wrong. Hope needs someone that isn't hung up on someone else.
    Just let Hope raise & bond with her daughter then I will start watching it again. I am just one person among many that feels the same.
    I had watched this from day one, even recorded it when at work, so I am sad.

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