Was Dan Gasby tripping going public with his new woman while still caring for his wife?

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  • Knuttboy - 11 months ago

    I didn't like the way he announced this to the world. It felt like oversharing to the world of private issues and/or he's doing it proudly, which was in poor taste. I just didn't dig how the brotha chose to unnecessarily announce this publically to the world but are shocked at the backlash he's facing.

    This could all go away if he says "BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!!"

  • Charles H Baker - 11 months ago

    From what I've heard and read, B. Smith doesn't recognize her husband, he daughter or her husbands girlfriend any longer. She is really not herself anymore, her body is there but her mind is gone. Also, I heard that B. Smith's daughter has no objection to Gasby's relationship. Plus, we never know what arrangements a married couple of made. B. Smith might have told Gasby that she wants him to find someone. We DON'T know.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 11 months ago

    That nigga was absolutely tripping. As long as you're still married, making your side piece visible to the world is problematic especially if your current spouse is sick or dying. It is very disrespectful. When my ex-husband and I separated and I moved out, our marriage had been done. (I mean DONE DONE.) We both had lovers outside of our marriage, but nobody knew about it because the optics of it. The ink on the death certificate or on the divorce decree has to be dry before you show off your new boo, and even then it is still going to be a troubled path. I think people would be able to be more forgiving if she weren't in the same house as B. Smith or if he were more discreet. It is unfair for us on the outside to expect him to live as a monk. He should be free to have human companionship, sexual relationships, etc. with a partner who is emotionally and physically available but he shouldn't be on the internet flaunting it.

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