Did you watch the Super Bowl?

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Posted 7 months.


  • Evie E - 6 months ago

    I didn't watch not because I'm boycotting the NFL, I just couldn't stand watching the Patriots win another superbowl, cause I'm a hater. So I played video games in the other room. My husband watched though and he was bored so I didn't miss anything.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 6 months ago

    Yes, because it's a tradition. I do watch mostly for the commercials and the half time show especially when it's the Patriots playing. I was so bored this year from the game to the commercials to the half time show. I Love Maroon 5. I own 4 of their albums going way back to 2003. I've seen live performances of theirs and know they can bring so much more energy, so I don't know why this was such a dead performance. Hmmm? Maybe that was their version of kneeling with Colin.

    What do you think of the so-called controversy regarding Adam Levine's nipples?

  • Allegra - 6 months ago

    I’ve always half assed watched the Super Bowl and the NFL season in general, and this year was no different.????????

  • Alicia - 6 months ago

    watched it out of pure boredom and fell asleep towards the end. Only went to the Superbowl party for the free delicious food. :)

  • Tina Noire - 6 months ago

    I heard ny boyfriend downstairs watching ???? I felt betrayed. Then when the halftime show came on (Big Boi's part), he yelled for me to come "see my people." King T R O L L . ( Let me fauxtest in peace Sir).

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