Will Lulu remember the truth?

  • Barbara Vigil - 2 years ago

    Set Franco free!! Get rid of Ryan. This has gone on long enough. PLEASE

  • Cindy Slate - 2 years ago

    I am sick of the story line! When are the police ever going to get it right? I love Franco & Elizabeth, you need new writers, I have been a fan for more than 30 years & I am thinking about taking a break you are dragging all of the story lines to long! Michael & his son, Ava ,Ryan & Kevin: please get creative, conclude these story lines & give us something new!!!

  • john simms - 2 years ago

    Yes time to bust RYAN out now everyone feels the same sick of it. Leave Franco alone nice to see a bad guy go good and have a normal life. Some days i can not stand to even watch that is sad been watching for years and years. Can not believe how stupid the police are and all the rest of the people. You are making the whole police dept look stupid. SAD !!

  • Tamiko Webb - 2 years ago

    Yes! The storyline has absolutely when on to long. Someone needs to discover Kevin is still lock away in Ferncliff. Who will find? For Ava she may never go to prison, she's gettting here payback for beautiful Keke being murdered by that crazed Ryan. What until she finds out! Damn she's going to feel so disgusted. Killers can recognize killers!

  • Karen Niffenegger - 2 years ago

    Franco didn't do it. I love him. Him and Liz and the boys deserve happiness.

  • Vera - 2 years ago

    I am so disappointed with GH story line Ryan/Kevin! I think I am going to stop watching until this story line is finished!!! I don't like Franco being accused when he has truly changed!!! The writers have been doing a terrible job!! You Guys need to hire some new writers period!!!!! Loyal Fan for over 30 years!!!!

  • Judith I. Forbes - 2 years ago

    This RYAN Story is going on to long. And to add Franco I to the mix is stupid. I am getting so tired of the dragging on. Can't you just let Franco have a good life with Elizabeth. Please get Sam off the show. I know it's a soap and the stories go on and on. Some of them are just to long and gets boring, like this one.

  • Julie Jackson - 2 years ago

    I am very tired of the Ryan story line. Its time to come to a end.. I hope Ava discovers the truth as she took his shoes from hosp which has Lulu blood on them

  • Bernie G - 2 years ago

    This whole storyline with Ryan and Kevin has to come to an end I can't take it anymore. Nobody ever has happiness for more than 5 minutes on this show and I've been watching it for 55 years. Lulu has to remember the truth. And Ava must go to jail

  • Brenda Sickels - 2 years ago

    I like the new Franco don't want to see him off the show but would like to see Ryan taken off

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