Which mane character had the best role in season 8?

Posted 2 weeks.


  • smp - 5 days ago


    I completely forgot about leaving a comment under this poll, Lo and behold I'm checking the section out of curiosity and I see someone trying to prove his point by calling me retarted among other things. I have no idea how this logic works, but I had a healthy laugh out of your comment, thanks. :)

    Still, Starlight hardly deserves the number one spot. And her "throw the EEA book" moment was one among few Deus Ex Machina moments put just to make her look good in most blatant way possible. In "Shadow Play" her role made much more sense. Truly, this poll is still some sort of popularity test and seeing fandom being enamored by a rather bland - or like they like to call it "realistic" - characters like Starlight or Student 6 is confusing and sad if you ask me. But of course some comments really make up for it in comedy department. :P

    So go ahead, tear me a new one, call me a retard, crybaby, idiot, Mane6 fanboy, fool, etc. I already said my piece, although I may check on later and at least read some of the new (even funnier) responds that will probably come after this one. If I won't forget about it I mean. Well, that's all, I'm out of your hair, have a lovely sunday lads and lasses.

  • don - 6 days ago

    Looks like some fools here need "Anger Management."

    Lots of Anger Management or Booze one or the other.

  • Sailor Sedna - 6 days ago

    Pff, once again the fandom just plays favorites with a certain pony who just hogs the spotlight like she's always done since season 6.

    I voted CMCs, they had the best roles to me.

  • Hmm - 6 days ago

    So Glimmer wins the polls but a large number of the comments are screaming about it. It's almost like people that like Glimmer don't feel the need to do that and people that hate her are impudent children who want to complain about everything and then continue coming back anyway. Oh yes, the show is SO ruined. That's why you still come here.
    And if you say you haven't watched the last seasons, how do you know it's ruined? You're just like those haters that think the whole thing is crap because they've never seen any episodes.

  • That One - 6 days ago

    It was a choice between Spike and the CMCs for me, but because Spike isn't a pony, I, obviously, chose the CMCs.

  • Crimson - 6 days ago

    Wow I didn't expect when I commented "Starlight haters getting triggered in 3... 2... 1..." that someone would actually take that cue so quickly.

  • Loganberry - 1 week ago

    "The Parent Map" and "On the Road to Friendship", I mean!

  • Loganberry - 1 week ago

    Starlight wins this fairly comfortably for me, with Spike second. Glimmy didn't have many central roles (apart from "The Parent Map") but she had a lot of very satisfying supporting roles. I think she may actually work best when used in that way, though I quite like Starlight so have no problem with giving her centre stage sometimes. I liked her when she was evil, I liked her in the S6 finale, I like her now. I'd prefer it if S9 did better for the Mane Six, who were often poorly served in S8, but I wouldn't want Glimmy sidelined too much. Or Spike!

  • hakirayleigh . - 2 weeks ago

    @Medicine Cat. Yeah. I believe Starlight is the most "human" of the all ponies. Because we have a lot of bad habits they are some cases hard to improve. And of course since season 6 Starlight had achieve a lot about friendship, like her great job like counselor and magic control (despite I'd preferred the "Rude magic is the only solution" Starlight.

  • Medicine Cat - 2 weeks ago

    @J47fly No, she's still a cartoon feline/equine hybrid. But her personality impresses me as the most humanoid.

  • J47fly - 2 weeks ago

    @Medicine Cat, Did you've just considered Starlight the Pony as a human????

  • Medicine Cat - 2 weeks ago

    For what it's worth, my opinion on why Starlight regularly rates so highly is because she's the most human and so the easiest to relate to. Starlight has real baggage and doubts and nagging guilt, just like a real person. She is the most thoughtful pony and more importantly the most reflective. It all adds up to make her the most "complete" character in the show.

    But it's not a zero sum game! I love them all!

  • Ok - 2 weeks ago

    Why is Starlight so unbelievably high???? What did she do this season that made her stand out that much??

    Honestly I have no idea why she's so up there, is this a popularity poll or something?? Spike should have won, he's gotten wings and had a son episode with Twilight...?
    You guys' obsession with Starlight are reminding me why I hated her so much. I was starting to like her, but seeing how unbelievably overrated she is is annoying.

  • Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

    @Medicine Cat I don't know if you're being sarcastic or serious, but THAT'S exactly the point. Bronies drove me in this status of constant anger, because all the bullshit THEY did and I had to constantly see in order to stay on the only site that gives news about the show. You bronies are some the most disgusting people I've ever seen in my entire life. I hate you bronies. I HATE YOU!

  • Medicine Cat - 2 weeks ago

    @Anonymous Right. YOU don't get angry. Everyone MAKES you angry.

  • Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

    @Medicine Cat Well excuse me a lot sir. My interest for this show has always been honest and sincere ever since I found it out over 7 years ago. If I knew that I would have had to do with a mass of retarded who would have ditched the characters from this show I got attached so much over an off-screen kidnapping I wouldn't have joined this shitty community and I wouldn't be here bothering you IDIOTS so much. All I want is now for the show ending, so the Mane 6 can have the ending you deserve AND YOU ASSOLES WILL LOSE ALL THE POWERS YOU HAVE.

  • Medicine Cat - 2 weeks ago

    I cannot believe the amount of bile and venom unleashed on a website devoted to a show subtitled, "Friendship is Magic". And what is this obsession with how horrible Starlight supposedly makes everything?

    "I" don't get angry - Starlight Glimmer MAKES me angry!"

    It's called projection, kids. Look it up.

  • Sunlight Swift - 2 weeks ago

    Well Starlight did deliver probably the most epic line of the season in the premiere when she smacked the EEA book out of Twilight's hooves and said "...doesn't matter."

    Also the episode with her watching the school and being serious with discord was also very cool.

    I really also liked her and Trixie's trip. But we also got to see her hometown.

    So for those not thinking she was notable this season, I would recommend maybe rewatching it.

    But imo this was the season for Spike. Spike got some key spots and development. They did use him a good bit in six and one but he is more prioritized here in season 8.

    Every character had their moment to rock this season.
    Fluttershy got multiple personalities and Sound of Silence good role.
    Applejack was top notch for that episode. Some of the best she's got in the whole show.
    They did well with showing Twilight as imperfect but determined and also susceptible to as much doubt and feelings of hopelessness as anypony, but still also able to stand for what is best for everypony but expanding it beyond normal definition and into other creatures.

    Its difficult to choose a best role for the season but Starlight definitely is a very fair candidate. I can't understand all the disappointment. I been watching since before season 2 was half finished and I think she is great.

  • Doey - 2 weeks ago

    People seem to think this is a popularity poll, which it isn't supposed to be. It's which character had the best role. I think the obvious answer is Starlight Glimmer. I haven't actually added up the screen time of each character. But, I'm sure Starlight has the most screen time. Starlight is not my favorite pony. I think she gets more screen time than she should. She had more main character episodes than any other pony. Of the main characters, Pinkie may have had the least amount of screen time. So, although I may not be happy about it, I think the poll is probably accurate as to who had the best role.

  • Richard - 2 weeks ago

    @smp lol my bad

  • Richard - 2 weeks ago

    @spm My only problem really is that guy that said people turned on the main six, people just really like Starlight

  • Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

    @Anonymous Then how would you explain the results of this poll despite Starlight not doing THAT much in S8? Twilight and Rainbow Dash (outside the infamous Non-Compete Clause) did WAY more than her, but people are not giving any damn about what THEY did because they have those fucking To Where And Back Again glasses on their faces. If you check the various MLP sites (EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.) you will see how reviled the characters have become by the fandom. AND ALL BECAUSE THEY WERE KIDNAPPED IN OFF-SCREEN ONE. FUCKING. TIME.

  • Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

    To the one guy who said we've turned our backs on the mane 6, FUCK OFF. We haven't turned our backs on the mane 6. We love 'em just as much as ever 8 seasons in. YOU'RE the one who's fucking retarded. And fuck off with that constant crying about the season 6 finale.
    Maybe you should take some time off from the internet and think about your life instead of crying about one FUCKING episode.

    And to the other anon who calls Starlight a FUCKING mary sue when he has no understanding of what a mary sue actually is, GET THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET, AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF LIFE.

  • Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

    @spm and @StoneProphet the most ridiculous thing about this mess, is that people turned their back on the main characters over...... a badly done off-screen kidnapping. If all the people reasoned in the way on the internet then the whole world would be invaded by Marvel fans who hate Spider Man (see Infinity War) or Nintendo fans who hate all the Nintendo characters except Kirby (see Super Smash Bros Ultimate). I really can't believe all this chaos was caused by a mere writing choice of which potentially neither writers are proud of, and most importantly, I can't believe that to so many people past great episodes for the Mane 6 lost their value over that reason. Now explain me: on what logic episodes like Hurricane Fluttershy, Pinkie Pride and Amending Fences, fan favorite eps that people used to love, became BAD because an off-screen kidnapping happened in a later episode?

  • Stone Prophet - 2 weeks ago

    I'm going to write about something that I have never been able to.

    Ignorance hurts more than hatred. Hatred of Starlight made her popular. Ignorance for Pinkie made us forget her. The show stopped showing her, and we slowly forgot about her. She lacked any role in the show and we don't know what to draw or write that ties her into it since the characters she's involved in don't have much of a relationship to her...or are yaks.

    It sounds bad, but Pinkie has more potential now for character growth than Starlight. Pinkie's best development in S8 was buying Trixie's illegal fireworks (seriously)...at this point the writers could make her into whatever as long as they forget her sisters (all of them) and the yaks. Characters that would work well with her are Cadence, Trixie (the best type of chaos), Fluttershy, Twilight, Luna, Discord, even Starlight...even Suri Polomare! No one really ships Pinkie (and to a lesser extent Fluttershy) as well...unbelievably enough, that's a big thing in the fandom, and it's obvious how it affects their popularity (just more ignorance to the character). Fluttershy used to be "the most popular" character, but the tsunami of shippers turned those tables.

    Ignore Starlight and everything related to her if you don't like her, but don't ignore the main characters. Hating a character is better than forgetting that character. If you like a character that everyone has forgotten (like Ms. Peachbottom), a single picture or story will make everyone go, " I forgot about her!" Maybe some people will create even more things thanks to your contribution.

  • don - 2 weeks ago


    Oh um.........oh oh oh


  • smp - 2 weeks ago

    Hell yeah it is my opinion, and I choose to express it since I have right to it. Just like anyone else.
    I simply tired of all the baseless praise she gets and how fandom choosed to turn their back from central cast.
    She's not even bad as character per se, merely overrated.

  • hakirayleigh . - 2 weeks ago

    Ohhh c'mon Rarity had her good episodes with Fluttershy and Twilight. I don't know why she has few votes. I'm ok with Starlight, anyways.

  • Richard - 2 weeks ago

    Guys please stop, people have their own opinions i choose Twilight but i'm not gonna say Starlight doesn't deserve it too (maybe she doesn't but that's YOUR opinion)

  • Richard - 2 weeks ago

    Guys please stop, people have their own opinions i choose Twilight but i'm not gonna say Starlight doesn't deserve it too (maybe she doesn't but that's YOUR opinion)

  • smp - 2 weeks ago

    I don't have any faith in fandom anymore.

  • don - 2 weeks ago

    Spike & Rarity, She finally see's him with sparkling eyes. Dragon got her
    Fluttershy has Discord
    Glimglam is a background character
    No guys night out for Big Mack.
    Big shipping in season 9

  • Godzilla - 2 weeks ago

    I like Starlight too but damn why does she win every poll. I don't even remember her having that big of a role in S8

  • Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

    ....I don't hide thought that I do agree about Pinkie Pie being at very last place with so few votes.... unfortunately...

  • Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

    And this poll is the decisive proof that bronies turned their backs on the Mane 6 over a fucking off-screen kidnapping. Starlight was far from the best pony of S8 (the roles she had were good, but relatively few across the season, what were, 3? 4? Not more). Twilight, Spike and Rainbow (outside the infamous Non-Compete Clause) had way more (and on certainly points of view even better) roles than Starlight, especially if we even count Best Gift Ever in the mix, however you bronies still have those stupid To Where and Back Again glasses on your fucking face, and can't see anymore of the good from the Mane 6 only because they were kidnapped in off-screen ONE. FUCKING. TIME. YOU BRONIES ARE FUCKING RETARDED.

  • J47fly - 2 weeks ago

    Really??? Yet I thought Starlight's best role was SEASON 6!! but REALLY..... Season 8???

    Well I voted Applejack cause of that ONE episode "Sound of Silence." But other than that I think the New Students must've took the role for this season anyways....

  • not anon - 2 weeks ago

    god /mlp/tards are truly pathetic

  • Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

    Gas all Glimmerfags
    Stop shilling this worthless mary sue that killed the show

  • Crimson - 2 weeks ago

    Starlight haters getting triggered in 3... 2... 1...

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