Do You Think Thomas Markle Should Have Released The Letter To Defend Himself?

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Posted 6 months.


  • Brown Elvis - 6 months ago

    Prove to the world?? Who the heck was he before Meghan made her life anyway. He was a nobody, and still is in my books. You go girl!!

  • Wendy Friesen - 6 months ago

    Both Thomas and Samantha Markle are mentally ill. Leave the newlyweds alone, both of you have burned your bridges.

  • Joanie - 6 months ago

    Mr.Markle continues at every turn to use the poorest of judgement. Showing only a truly selfish side & not a father’s true heart in wanting only what is best for his child. It serves only his interests these issues he pushes for through the media. It is honestly the safest & genuinely the best interest for The Duke & Duchess of Sussex to cut the ties with the devicive negative influences of Mr. Markle & his Press flunkies!

  • Olga - 6 months ago

    Megan's mom deserves all the credit for raising her daughter to be the dignified woman that she is.
    She is a spiritually centered woman and this has enabled her to deal with all the negativity that's being hurled at her from her other dysfunctional family members and the British press. The love between her and Prince Harry is so palpable and it's amazing to see how much he adores and supports her.,they are going to be amazing parents.

  • Pamel - 6 months ago

    He is out for money and fame, not a father, it dad, he has always wanted to be in front of the camera. Here is his opportunity. Very sad! No sympathy for him. Stop giving him a platform.

  • Linda Newton - 6 months ago

    As the parent of two adult daughters, if I had made public statements like Thomas did about my son in laws, I too would be shunned. There is so much hurt in the letter! Now Thomas is ranting that Meghan did not write it because Americans do not use " down the rabbit hole" well those who read Alice in Wonderland do use the quote. Thomas Markle lied! Now sharing this letter does not make you look justified, instead, it shows the pain you have caused! I personally believe this was a test, and Thomas Markle just burned his bridge to his daughter and future grandchild. What parent would ask for a photo op?? Why does he need proof for the world, unless he planned to sell it! The hatred of Meghan from the public because she married Prince Harry has helped fuel these family members. Prince Harry chose, let them live their lives!

  • judy laurin - 6 months ago

    It must be genetic, Mr. Markle is just as crazy as his daughter Samantha! Poor Meghan, how embarrassing

  • Peter Bober - 6 months ago

    Its obvious that its all a plan to keep this up knowing that the media will keep paying for the trash that spews from his mouth. He's a pariah for money, and will probably periodically keep releasing more trash for cash! You know there is no stopping him until a fatal heart attack. Hope there is no one else in line to keep it going.

  • Michelle Trudel - 6 months ago

    I agree, if you truly want to make a mends with your daughter, this is definitely not the way to go about it. She has suffered countless hurts, embarrassments and sick article's about her & her beloved, released by her so called loving family when she never saw them. She becomes relevant and who comes out of the woodwork...guess and when it's not well received by her so called estranged family and I say family loosely because of the lengths they have all gone to spoil her wedding, embass her in the eye's of her now husband HRH and Duke of Sussex. She has had to endure so much and it continues, even being pregnant, this horrible family is only out for the fame game and to keep themselves relevant. Leave the poor girl alone. You say you love her, yet you broke her heart by your disgusting, insensitive, malicious comments you have given about her on the world platform and you know nothing of her...NOTHING. Yet you espouse lies for people to lap it up as if it were the gospel being preached. You should all be ashamed yet it has fueled you into writing more vicious lies. You attempted to make her wedding a laughing stock of the world. Didn't happen, you continue even though she is pregnant with her first child and that this should be a joyous moment for the couple. No, you can't even let her have this beautiful moment in every woman's life who experiences it. She will not put her unborn child at risk because of you ingrates. If I was her family exception her beautiful Mom, I would just shut it. Dad if you can't open your eye's wide enough to see that your actions have hurt your daughter terribly and what do you continue to do...go to the press and release a letter she sent to you... alleged letter. In it, can't you see your daughter is hurting, it's telling you so much and asking you to stop going to the press. Maybe if you were a father and looked after your daughter's best interests in the first place and acted like a loving father, then maybe you wouldn't be in the position you're in right now.
    For her beautiful friend's to stand up and tell the world what The Duchess of Sussex is like, how kind, loving and caring of others she is. I tend to believe those in her inner circle not out for fame or recognition.
    I think the world of this strong and beautiful lady. She has shown, poise, grace under pressure, love and caring to so many. She continues to hold her head high and to take the high road.
    Someone just talked about forgiveness. If people can't come together on mutual terms and in this case unfortunately, it's part of her family than let them go. Olive branches have been extended yet slapped out of the Duchesses hand. I hope for a happy healthy baby, happiness in their marriage for year's & year's to come. Harry is finally happy. It's nobody's business. So please someone gag that family.
    To that family, get on with you lives and leave your half...half....HALF sister alone. Get on with your own lives and stop trying to make yourself relevant and make money off her back. You are discussing and disgraceful.

  • Susanne - 6 months ago

    Advice to all parties to forgive the past, engage in the present and believe in thr future. Thomas, if you want peace with Meghan, keep it private! And, Meghan, stay beautiful. The best reaction is no reaction. God bless!

  • Karen Campbell - 6 months ago

    It's not ok to cash in on your daughters celebrity and good fortune. I know my dad would never treat me like this. It's hard to understand why he feels the need to hurt Megan. He's definitely crossed the line one too many times.

  • Stephanie Diamond - 6 months ago

    Where is the forgiveness? I only see pride standing between them not forgiveness.
    Both need to stop thinking only about themselves.

  • Angie - 6 months ago

    Thomas Markle is a disgrace to the word father!!

  • Deborah J. MacLeod - 6 months ago

    That is not the way to mend the rift between them. I feel he has only reinforced why she needs to stay away from him.

  • Dorene Knowles - 6 months ago

    If he wants to rekindle his relationship with his daughter, that's not the way to do it.

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