Do you worry about damage to your car from road salt?

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  • Brodey Mecrate - 8 months ago

    You should absolutely worry about road salt on your vehicle. As a auto maintenance tech for years I’m just saying it’s unbelievable what road salt does to erode vehicles. Places across the United States wouldn’t safety vehicles that are just normal victims of road salt here. Yes you can oil spray, but I can assure you salt gets where oil spray can’t.

  • Garry Desjsrdine - 8 months ago

    My first concern about our use of road salt in London is the amount used when unnecessary! London could reduce it’s usage on the roads they do apply it to by improving their operational practises by increased training of Operators and monitoring of equipment calibration rates. Seems from observations of our main roads on Sunday morning that recent application rates were extensively too heavy. Salt usage can be reduced immediately while long term alternatives are sought!

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