Do you think it is proper that Premier Brian Pallister took to social media to comment of Winnipeg's wintry weather while at his vacation home in tropical

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  • lori - 8 months ago

    Why are some people so jealous of the fact that he as a vacation home. Maybe if they worked hard they could afford one also. Petty people!!!!!!

  • Angela - 8 months ago

    Who cares? So he took a holiday? Why is everyone's panties all in a knot?

  • Darwin - 8 months ago

    Get over it. He is in vacation.

  • BENDOVER - 8 months ago

    Who cares. Lots of people post the weather during their vacations or time away from work. Grow up people! Maybe complain more about the Meth Crisis, etc....

  • Wayne Basso - 8 months ago

    A friend of mine, vacationing in Jamaica posted that it was 38 in Jamaica the same time it was 38 in Winnipeg, the difference being one was on the plus and the other on the negative side. I found nothing wrong with that and it was actually amusing. He wasn't the Premier, but does his position make any difference?

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