Rate your confidence with the Steelers in 2019?

Posted 7 days.


  • Bruce Goldblatt - 6 days ago

    Mr Rooney needs to be innovative and make changes starting with the head coach - the new head coach needs to be in charge and manage with discipline and with one mission - have passion about winning and being a team - there is no room for divas - no one is irreplaceable - no when to hold them and no when to fold them - we have an amazing fan base- now we need a leader to get back to greatness - everything else is a waste of time - nice guys don’t make the playoffs let alone win super bowls - Coach Tomlin needs to go and find his life’s work — wish him well but he’s not the man - a ltiger does not change his stripes and Tomlin will not change his stripes either - spare us the pain and move into the future with a lion king -
    Thank you -

  • Jim McCrerey - 6 days ago

    Change is coming one way or the other. The Tail is still wagging the Dog and Management appears content with that wait and see attitude. Please Boys be nice, will not work. Ben’s contract should not be extended, he has done as much as anyone to creat disunity in the team effort. I don’t see that happening and therefore 2019 season will another ho hum season. Fans will let you know!

  • Gary E Legler - 6 days ago

    They need to change their approach to the players. They have no control.
    They need considerable help on defense but seem to think they can tweak it and be OK.

  • Carol Horney - 6 days ago

    The Pats don't have Mr Bell Or Mr Brown...……..But they did win the Big One. Not to mention the Eagles.

  • Donald McLachlan - 6 days ago

    The New England Patriots do not have any more talent than the Steelers, the big difference is in the coaching - and it all starts with the head coach, and how he handles the players

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