Have you tried one of the new CGRP medications yet (Aimovig, Ajovy or Emgality)? -- choose one answer


  • F Long - 3 years ago

    So far aimovig is working for me.(no side effects as of yet & hope not to be or be very mild)
    Just been on it for 2 1\2-3 months so hopefully after a year or so I can
    either go down to 70 & eventually no longer need the injections & my migraines will be better control. No complaints for me.

  • Dee - 3 years ago

    Aimovig caused severe autoimmune disease after I tried it once, in addition to worsening raynauds and migraine. Don’t all anti CRGP meds have the potential to do so? Are these the only drugs now being developed for migraine?

  • BEVERLY GHOLSON - 3 years ago

    I am using Aimovig and having some problems with constipation. Tried emgality and it didn't seem as effective against my migraines so went back to the Aimovig. A constant balancing act.

  • Jim Axenfeld - 5 years ago

    Stupid, (truly) poll as it does not give a chance to say one is using one and it works. Just tried one, now switched, tried one and evaluating, but if after a year, for sure n o more "evaluation" for someone who has had relief.

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