Should B.C. make vaccines mandatory for school children, with exceptions?

  • Matthew Kirkwood - 4 months ago

    People are happy in their ignorant bliss. Everybody has them in their family - the ones who JUST. DON'T. WANNA. KNOW! Vaccines come from the JEW - German jew who want TRILLIONS OF $ from IDIOTS who think that VACCINES make you HEALTHIER. It usually comes from white MORONS who cannot think for themselves. Whites are pwned by their TELL A VISION. The JEW is the spawn of SATAN. Kicked out of 109 countries (that we know of) - and I'm sure it's MANY MORE.

  • Chris - 1 year ago

    All I'm seeing is alot of people posting anti vax vax propaganda. He is my facts: prior to this anti vax movement that started on a falsified medical report, which has later been recanted, I have NEVER had to fear measels outbreaks, now I have a child with a compromised immune system, and some of you people are acting moronic saying you have the right to jeopardize my child's health because you dont think you should have to. Yet you cannot bring facts into the picture with validated medical soundness showing the harm of vaccines, and just try to use "lack of proof" as proof. Yet until your idiotic movement started, the measels and other diseases were for the most part, minimal if existant... now you get your way, and its rampant again... looks like the vaccines were working. Anyone who is willing to risk 8mmune compromised children deserves a good ole fashioned a$$whooping, and I'm happy to habd one out if your irresponsibility harms my child..

  • Victoria Walter - 1 year ago

    I think you should watch VAXED. This would open your eyes a little regarding vaccination. We live in a free country and we should be able to decide whether we want to vaccinate our children or not. If we say that we have to be forced to vaccinate out kids what will come next? pushing pills and other itmes on our children by the government. This is just insanity.

  • Deirdre Dooner - 1 year ago

    Where there is no liability there must ne consent. RFKjr displays court documents showing the FDA and HHS have never done safety testing. There has been 0 double blind placebo tests on any vaccine, ever...... this should be headline news but instead the propaganda machine instills fear of mild disease and lies to a trusting population. Criminal.

  • Jennifer - 1 year ago

    Want to battle out your argument? Anti vaxxers show your support in a peaceful battle of petitions. The link above is where you can put your virtual signature. Anti-vaxxers only

  • Dan Tar - 1 year ago

    I think that it is good to vaccinate however many people that I have spoken to who have not vaccinated their children say that they would like the opportunity to give individual vaccines instead of the multiple ones and are willing to pay for them themselves. These are not offered in Canada. Mandating use is a throwback to Nazi Germany where national socialists believe they knew best for the people. The best way to increase use is to provide more choices not less.

  • Adam J - 1 year ago

    No Brittany, you don’t understand much about this issue. Polio vaccine doesn’t prevent the spread of polio, it only works on the person receiving the vaccine. It has no effect on transmission, therefore unvaccinated individuals do not spread polio and cannot be blamed for polio cases.

    As for measles, the MMR coverage rate has been static in states like OR and WA where current “outbreaks” are occurring, since 1995. That’s three years before anyone heard the name “Wakefield”; it is therefore wholly illogical to blame “antivaxxers”, a term you’re using incorrectly because none of them want to prevent you from vaccinating, for current measles outbreaks. The reality is the vaccine works poorly whenever someone has wild measles and because it’s not 100% effective and immunocompromised individuals will likely not receive the vaccine, it’s wholly impossible to eradicate measles.

    Measles is a benign disease, the media has clearly done a number on you.

  • Bridgette - 1 year ago

    I don’t like how the question was worded I hope I voted correctly, I DON’T feel that vaccines should be mandatory! I don’t agree with the vaccines anymore the cause more harm then good! That’s my opinion

  • Peter - 1 year ago

    Recently there was a very one sided report in the media of the tragic death of a child, here in Canada, purportedly from the measles. She had been vaccinated. The mother, I am sure prompted by the vaccine community, expressed the assumption her child must have come in contact with another, unvaccinated, child who had measles, and that caused her daughter's illness. Now think of the logic. Her vaccinated child contracted measles, so why might it not have been another vaccinated child, with measles, acquired or shedding from their own vaccination, that passed it on? Or, quite possibly, the toxins in the vaccine so weakened her poor child that she died as a consequence of that experience, with no other child to blame. Did a coroner even examine that possibility? Not likely. The shame is that this poor mother, and her tragedy, was used by the pro vaccine media and the industry to push their deadly cocktail on others through fear.

  • Terri - 1 year ago

    Anyone who says that vaccines are safe and effective and prevent disease are showing their ignorance. Those who think that vaccines have reduced or eradicated disease clearly show they have not researched or read anything about vaccines. The ONLY studies that show they are safe are those paid for by pharmaceutical companies or the CDC in the US - the people who stand to benefit from vaccines (and they have whistleblowers showing how they falsify data). There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of studies showing that all vaccines cause harm. Don't be a sheep. The ONLY way to know who is right on this issue is to look into it for yourself and see the damning evidence.

  • Tammy - 1 year ago

    I agree that kids should be vaccinated , but a LOT of parents would like to have them given Individually, instead of all lumped in to one shot . Right now the ONLY option for parents is all at once or not at all. Because it’s save money . So if your child has a bad reaction you don’t know what Vaccine it was. I think we would see a lot more parents getting their children vaccinated if they could Have this option . There is a lot more shots in one vaccine now than there ever was when we were young

  • Ashley Giardina - 1 year ago

    No medical procedure should ever be automatic public knowledge, much less pushed on people! These are personal decisions!

    Why allow a fear to control you so much that a Dr could convince you to inject the very thing you are afraid of, directly into your blood stream. And not just the virus you fear but also a slew of ingredients that are known to be harmful whether it’s injected, inhaled or ingested.

    Fear will make people do crazy things.
    But Fear produces lots of money.

  • Ben - 1 year ago

    Watch... about measles here.

  • Brittany - 1 year ago

    Are you kidding me? From the comments I've read above you guys are against this? I have an infant that toure all putting at risk of potentially deadly diseases. There's a reason diseases like measles, and polio, are coming back from irradication and it's because of people like you who are defending non-vaxxers. Peanut butter and pennisilin are an allergy, not a disease, theres a difference. Get your heads on straight and protect those who are most vulnerable. I'm sorry but if your child causes my infant (who is still too young to get the vaccine) to get measles, you best believe that you will be shamed for it.

  • Steve Burke - 1 year ago

    The rate of ALL AGES dying from measles in developed countries BEFORE vaccination began (for example in 1962 in the US as measles vaccine was first used in 1963) was 1 in 10,000+.

    In 1962 measles killed 0.00002% of the population.

    Fearmongering is clearly the last resort of the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry (yes it is profitable, Pfizer’s best selling and biggest money-making product in 2018 was a vaccine) and it works so well on people like the petition starter. Immunocompromised individuals can be administered immunoglobulin in outbreaks. Severely compromised individuals can be killed by a common cold and aren’t going out in public to begin with.

    It’s measles, not Ebola. Also WTF does “nearly eradicated” mean? George Carlin would get a kick out of that one.

  • Ellen - 1 year ago


  • Tara - 1 year ago

    Okay so here's the deal....

    You can scream from the mountain tops for vaccines to be mandatory BUT here is why they shouldn't be....EVER....

    The gold standard for scientific methodology and testing is double blind inert placebo testing with a untainted control group correct?

    There are exactly ZERO clinical trials that use inert placebos. Gardasil is the only one to ever use a saline placebo and even then they added l arginine to it which can cause low blood pressure, gastro issues, gout etc etc. Not exactly something that doesn't cause the body to react.

    There are exactly ZERO clinical trials that use a jon vaccinated control group. Accoridng to the CDC it is unethical to withhold a vaccine. Although I'm certain there would be plenty of people willing to be paid to either receive or not receive a vaccine. It's simply a matter of informing the indibiduals involved in the study that some of them would never receive the vaccine in question.

    There are exactly ZERO long term studies to determine if vaccines cause chronic health issues. The manufacturer inserts list a while host of issues reported after vaccines......including chronic health conditions like diabetes for one. How many children are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes nowadays?

    There are exactly ZERO studies on synergistic toxicity when injecting multiple vaccines at once.

    Then the manufacturers admit on the vaccine onserts that they are not tested for carcinogenic, mutagenic capabilities or for infertility.

    The FDA based their decisions to vaccinate pregnant off of ZERO studies. They have no basis for making that decision.

    There are outbreaks even in fully vaccinated communities and there always will be.

    The Canadian constitution does not allow any form pf government to force any medocal procedure on anyone and they cannot withhold an education to canadians especially when the product in question does not have the proper testing to prove their safety.

    I look at the health of chikdren nowadays and honestly, all these immune conpromised kids could very well be due to vaccinations.

    What a vaccine does and doesn't do is impossible to know without doing those tests I speak of.

    Just try and make them mandatory. I will be banging on every politicians door to make sure that doesn't happen.

  • Jennie - 1 year ago

    This will include protecting us from those shedding live vaccines too right? I mean if this is all about protecting those who are immune compromised then we need to follow the advice on the inserts where it states we need to stay away from those recently vaccinated with live vaccines for at least 21 days, right??
    But I’m assuming this has been looked at AFTER we take a look at how this is completely going against our charter of rights. Right?

  • Chris - 1 year ago

    What IF for conversation sake we past a law that every child needed to get injected with penicillin? or to eat a spoon full of peanut butter prior to going to school? Some would eat it, some would not like it, some would be ill, some could have an allergic reaction and some could die from anaphylactic shock. 15 percent of the people have issues with vaccines through epigenetics and epidemiological studies and with those numbers alone we will never reach 97 % for herd immunity. Why is it that people who are vaccinated still get the disease and can pass it to others? And less then 6 percent of adults are vaccinated or up to date. Look at health Canadas numbers, and the CDC also put out information that not everyone should be vaccinated. I am all for Vaccines however I am not for one size fits all model of medicine And taking parental rights away. Does measles have risk you bet it does and so does the vaccine we say that you should do it for the greater good to protect those who can not get them. but where is that same village and support when your child gets one of the list side effects including death? I was vaccinated fully and still caught measles my sister was also vaccinated but caught a milder dose and she caught the cx pox 3 times I got it once. (no vaccine back then) the issue is were does it stop? Today its mandating vaccines tomorrow it's something much bigger. And when I talk to my 90 year old Grandmother she is shocked that it is all over the news as all her 12 kids got the measles no issues and live in pei with dirt floors and no running water. So vaccinate if you so choose but I say No to mandating vaccines.

  • T - 1 year ago

    Vaccines are deadly.

  • Roger - 1 year ago

    @Benita - Your right?! What about the child's right?! What gives a mother or father, who most likely are vaccinated themselves, the right to not give their child the same care and attention. If it's mandatory for children to be vaccinated, then so be it. The only people to fear this, would be those that are ignorant enough to think that vaccinations cause Autism.

  • Jodi - 1 year ago

    No one is saying there are NO risks associated with vaccinations. These risks are small, however, and the proportionally small amount of children impacted by them is still preferable to all of our children being decimated by the infectious diseases which will run rampant should we all decide to “exercise our right to choose”. Lets be clear, implicit in any parent’s
    “choice” not to vaccinate their child is an assumption that other parents WILL vaccinate, thereby keeping their child safe. Get real people. If we want to protect all our children we need to do it together.

  • Rebecca Saavedra - 1 year ago

    Isn't this whole petition a waste of time and a moot point? According to the Canadian Charter of freedoms, it is illegal for them to force vaccination or any other medical procedure on anybody. Since children are required to get an education and not everyone can homeschool, it cannot be legally required. They could, however, do what they did in Ontario. They could require all parents show proof of vaccination before attending school or provide an exemption form for philosophical/and or religious and or medical reasons.

  • Jamdan - 1 year ago

    Every medical procedure carries a risk and where there is risk there must be consent.
    Sv40 ring a bell? We may not know for years what the consequences of our actions are.

  • C - 1 year ago

    There is so much misinformation here. Why is it only ever the pro-vax crowd that gets to spout their rhetoric? Why is there no equal balance of opinions?

  • John Howitt - 1 year ago

    Derek Leonard. However you want to call it, the bottom line is that you are being coerced into a medical procedure or will suffer the consequences. I would hardly call that freedom of choice. I have to agree with Benita. Also if you read my first comment and the link to med science research you would see that the vaccinated child can infect others through shedding for weeks or months afterwards. Are you proposing we keep them out of school as well?

  • Kat - 1 year ago

    Michael Balme - if you dig deep and really do your research you will come to learn that small pox and polio were both declining drastically prior to the vaccine being available. When people started learning about proper hygiene, communicable diseases began to decrease. The vaccine companies took credit for the decline however.

  • Benita - 1 year ago

    This isn’t about your stance on vaccinations. This is about giving up your right to make medical choices for your children. Do you really think it’s wise to give up that right??

  • Derek Leonard - 1 year ago

    John Howitt, I like how you used the word forced. Nobody is being forced. Home school your kids or put them in a private school that allows unvaccinated kids.

  • John Howitt - 1 year ago

    What gives me the right to refuse forced medical procedures Mr. Balme? How about The Nuremberg Code for starters? It established the requirements for informed consent, absence of coercion, properly formulated scientific experimentation, and beneficence towards experiment participants. There's also something called the Canadian Charter of Rights which you should check out sometime. The science of vaccines is evolving everyday and their safety and efficacy is far from settled.

  • Michael Balme - 1 year ago

    Scientific evidence Mr Howitt? How do you explain the eradication of smallpox or the near eradication of polio? It's only because a generation has grown up without having brothers and sisters murdered or permanently disabled by communicable diseases that we are even having this debate. So what gives you the right to needlessly endanger the wellbeing of other citizens by not vaccinating?

  • Ronee - 1 year ago

    I agree with John Howitt. Besides this, vaccines also have severe adverse effects- my nephew was in ICU for 10 days after the MMR with Thrombocytopenia, was bleeding out underneath his skin and started bleeding from his rectum. Before all of this happened, I encouraged everyone to get every single vaccination out there. When I saw my nephew holding on by a thread I started to question it. Besides shedding the live virus for 28 days, there are so many strains out there right now, it doesn't mean that the one in the vaccine right now will protect you or anyone else, same with the flu shot. I got sick the measles my self after receiving the MMR.

  • John Howitt - 1 year ago

    .Scientific evidence demonstrates that individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards and infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. This is insanity ! What gives you the right to force medical procedures on other people against their wishes?

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