Did you want Jordan to stick around?


  • Long time fan - 5 years ago

    What does it matter what the fans think or feel about anything ? You tape the show 6 months ahead of time so how could you care about how the fans feel about anything it’s not like your going to change the story line in any of the stories. Maybe this is one of the reasons all the lead actors and actresses are leaving the show like a revolving door.You don’t pay them enough money and the writers really suck they are ruining Days Of Our Lives . This show is going down the tubes and what a shame. Now you have chad and Abby leaving the show together I think it’s time to fire the writers and hire a team of writers that know how to write good storylines.

  • Sharon Jesse - 5 years ago

    I would have loved to see her stay if they hadn't brought her back as a crazy person. She is over the edge way past sane. It does make me wonder what happened to make her this way because she wasn't crazy before she left. That might be something to pursue. Is Clyde responsible for the scar on the back of her neck? There seem to be a possible story here if they don't screw it up and end it before they give any explanations. I didn't vote yes or no on this because I am conflicted at the moment.

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