Will Summer be the one to figure out what Mia did?

  • Sherrie - 2 years ago

    I knew Mia was eventually going to do something to Abby from the moment Auturo asked her to marry him and the incident with the scissors and combing Abby's hair. The only thing Mia could think of was evil. Even though she and Rey renewed their vows, she only did it out of revenge to Auturo because she's still in love with him. I believe that Mia did it hoping it was Abby only to realize later that it was her sister in law Lola. Mia's crazy, jealous and vindictive and can't be trusted at all.

  • Debra - 2 years ago

    I believe it was Mia and thought it was Abby because of the coat. Abby let Lola borrow it. I hope she recovers soon and she and Kyle can be together happily ever after ????????????????????????

  • Laurie - 2 years ago

    I think it is Abby, she gave Lola her coat.

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