Would you be tempted by a 16-16.5-inch MacBook Pro?

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Poll posted 8 months ago.


  • Christopher Nigido - 6 months ago

    I would very much hope Apple launches a 16- 16.5" model and then in lure of a 17" that is so close in size, let them launch an 18 or 18.5" macbook pro.

    However make this one extremely special and while following some design cues from your MB Pro series, make it available with the biggest allowable battery, and specs that rival the iMac pro's top configuration for working professionals on the go. Also we would appreciate way more ports and the return of the magsafe power adapter. I would love to NOT have to use a hub in order to support all the peripherals on the go dj'ing.


  • M - 6 months ago

    Maybe but I love my 17”!!!

  • Hellcat Fiery - 8 months ago

    I wouldn’t buy this new redesigned MacBook Pro because it’s not my computer anymore, cause the iPad Pro is my computer & a replacement from a laptop. This MacBook Pro would be for people who loves their laptop, for me it’s just a piece of garbage cause sometimes there’s problem with the MacBook Pro itself. On the other hand the iPad Pro is the fantastic choice for me that loves to do stuff whatever he wants, And i wouldn’t turn back to a MacBook Pro anymore for the rest of my life. Peace

  • Mike - 8 months ago

    Still using a maxed 17 2011 as well. Definitely don't want to compromise screen size as a designer so if anyone from Apple is reading online feedback... +1 for a 17 inch please. That said, if they continue to make upgrades more and more difficult will have no choice but to move on. Love the OS but I'll never buy a machine that I can't easily install more RAM and swap hard drives in

  • Ed Berland - 8 months ago

    Still using my mid-2009 Macbook Pro, maxxed out RAM, upgraded HD and external monitor, running El Capitan and Snow Leopard in two partitions. I’d definitely buy a new 17” Macbook Pro, even though I’m now retired.

  • Answer to Lorenzo - 8 months ago

    You can actually install Mojave in your Mac. Got my 17 inch mid 2009 working flawlessly using http://dosdude1.com/mojave/

  • Answer to Lorenzo - 8 months ago

    You can actually install Mojave in your Mac. Got my 17 inch mid 2009 working flawlessly ;)

  • Rena Cerbone - 8 months ago

    I had the 17 inch. Even though it was heavier to tote around, nothing beat that big screen.

  • Lorenzo - 8 months ago

    I actually have and use the 17" mid 2010 and can't install macOS Mojave. It's time to get a brand new MacBook Pro and a 17" would be super-welcome! I am used to travel a lot and I need to develop software, work on graphics and videos everywhere I go. I can't work on a 15" screen. I can't wait for it. When will they release it? Most of all, is this news confirmed? Or is it just a rumor and a hope?

  • TERIA SILVA EVANS - 8 months ago

    Preferably 17.5 inches

  • TERIA SILVA EVANS - 8 months ago

    I currently have 17 inch Late 2011. I would like to have another one, because I have held onto this machine through many repairs. My fear is I may not be able to continue to repair it. An upgrade would be awesome!

  • Quintin Miller - 8 months ago

    I'm looking for my first computer and I am disappointed that I have to wait for a better model of the macbook pro. Hope it's worth the wait.

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