What do you think about Phyllis?

  • Wanda Halsted - 2 years ago

    I love Sharon Case aka Sharon Newman. She has the sweetest little face and BIG bambi eyes. She has always been one of my favorites Victor being the # 1 charchter & 3rd but not least is my Paul Williams...love him to bits. So glad he returning to G/C....soon. ????????

  • Pam woods - 2 years ago

    JT has to be alive sure no one took his clothes off and put in Nicki room who would strip a supposedly dead body

  • Pam woods - 2 years ago

    I l8ke to watch the show when there are dirty dealings going on or else it would be boring love Victor and his shenanigans as well as Phyllis and mia

  • Anita - 2 years ago

    Phyllis brings a lot of life to the storylines, & keeps them interesting. I can't stand her as a person, but as a part of the show, she's fabulous!!! It would be boring without her

  • Dede - 2 years ago

    It's just a soap opera therefore I love her

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