How Would You Grade The Mets' Offseason Moves?

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  • Jim Herbst - 11 months ago

    The Mets once again have a GM who's main responsibility is to keep the Wilpon's pockets full. They have holes at third, first and the outfield. Cano is 36. Do they really expect him to perform at a high level over the next couple of years. They did shore up the BP, but you still need to score runs to win games. They had the best starting pitching last year, but how many brilliant starts by their starters end up 2-1 or 1-0 loses? I disagree with many pundents who think this team will compete for the NL East. This is not a vastly improved team. Maybe they move from 4th to 3rd place, but no more than that. Until there is a change in ownership, this is what us long suffering Mets fans can expect.

  • Julio L Rivera - 11 months ago

    Mets have yet to add a formidable impact hitter in that lineup. You need a slugger that will instill respect and fear in the other teams. They don't have this. Actually they never have. Cespedes is an imposter. Highly overrated Horrible outfielder and can be eaten alive by a decent curve/breaking pitch. They should have pursued Harper to replace Cespedes. He was the difference maker.
    With that pitching and Solid lineup you have a Champion.

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