How does the Machado (non-)signing look from the White Sox' perspective?


  • Leather tuxedero - 5 years ago

    My favorite cheese is Swiss cheese. I put it in my Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning.

  • Smelly - 5 years ago

    If Machado was the sole veteran role model for the padres, i would be worried. But since we got Hosmer to fill that role, I don't think it will matter. And the fans in SD wont care if he jogs out a ground ball if he's hitting 35 bombs and knocking in 100 runs.

  • Larry - 5 years ago

    The problem from the White Sox perspective it’s been decades since this organization has signed an elite free agent. Until the White Sox root out this problem, they’ll never be taken seriously by top free agents.

  • DJ - 5 years ago

    Yes the White Sox would of loved to have him but look at the upcoming free agent class. I can see adding two guys to the roster that will help as much if not more than Machado and we can get them for less years at the same price.

    White Sox have enough talent coming up that they can afford to wait and see who works out and who is a bust and spend at that time to fill a gap.

  • David V - 5 years ago

    Operations on both knees. Sometimes it takes a while to realize you dodged a bullet!

  • Dan - 5 years ago

    I disagree with the not ready party.for a contract that long with a talent such as his, the team will not only be instantly better, he'll be there for when they are ready and that will be one position they don't need to develop along the way. I guess it depend on the opt out, but still for as young as he is he'd work for just about any teams rebuilding timeframe. Only thing is really worry about with signing to a rebuilding team is his influence on the younger guys. And he's go into the hall with a White Sox cap!

  • Robert M - 5 years ago

    As a leader on the team, his questionable work ethic would be a negative in the clubhouse as the team tries to mature it younger players. Great talent could be exceptionable if his attitude was better.

  • Mark K - 5 years ago

    White sox are not ready yet. I would like to see them develop their own talent first then use the money to sign multiple shorter turn free agents and extend the developed talent. At some point teams that sign long turm big contracts players wil be begging other teams to take those players.

  • Sufferfortribe - 5 years ago

    Once again, I don’t work for the Chicago FO, but I’d think they had a set price, while keeping in mind the free agents available next offseason.

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