Grade the Rockies' extension of Nolan Arenado
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  • john - 3 years ago

    Thats a lot to pay for his defensive capability. He is a product of Coors field offensively and could easily be replaced. Not his defense though. But that's a lot of money for the few plays he saves you over a typical 3rd baseman. And his speed may recede before his contract is up. I think Rockies paid too much for Arenado.

  • Dan - 3 years ago

    Horrible deal for the Rockies. I thought these stupid long term deals were done. His splits show he is just above average outside of his home park. I could stomach this deal if it was for 3-4 years past 2019. I know he is popular, but some common sense should have been used by management.

  • Brett - 3 years ago

    The best mexican 3rd baseman by far

  • Brian Sondheim - 3 years ago

    Arenado eats to many baked beans.

  • Anwar Mohamed - 3 years ago

    Great investment, a true professional. But to be honest all of these players are getting way to much. Smart for Arenado and for the Rockies.

  • Walt stanbrink - 3 years ago

    I covered Nolan as a best writer for the school newspaper. His best sport back in the day was not baseball. It was in fact competitive badminton.

  • Sally pourage - 3 years ago

    Arenado is over rated, the best player on the Rockies is Scott oberg. He has an off the charts middle finger fastball.

  • Patrick Buchanan - 3 years ago

    Arenado is a good base runner. He covers all the bases. He is ace of base. His vehicle has good base. His base salary is baseiclluy awesome.

  • Bill butterman - 3 years ago

    D On the grade simply because he struts around the dugout and farts to much to be taken seriously as a good leader. Give me a tom lawless, Mark lemke, Otis Nixon type player over Arienado any day.

  • Joe Orsatti - 3 years ago

    This is an excellent signing for the Rockies. Colorado has some promising kids still trying to establish themselves, and this move helps hold the window open.

  • BhamBrave - 3 years ago

    I love this deal for both parties. One of the fairest deals I've ever seen.

  • Ripsnorter - 3 years ago

    He is much better than Harper or Machado, and he gets less money--without being a crybaby like Kris Bryant.

    "No pacifier needed" with Arenado.

  • Bill - 3 years ago

    From Arenado's perspective, I think it is a no brainer that it's a great deal. From the Rockies perspective, they just locked up one of the greatest all-around 3rd basemen in the league. As long as they can remain competitive, everything is great. If they start to decline, they might have some trouble with this contract. That being said, as long as they can fix their bullpen and rotation, I think they will be competitors for a while and will definitely make a run during Arenado's extension.

  • PK - 3 years ago

    This is a very sad for Dodgers fans like myself.

  • Charlie - 3 years ago

    Best 3rd baseman in majors....Machado could not carry his jock

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