2018 Catch of the Year: Final (Poll Closed)


  • SASIKUMAR - 1 year ago


  • Andrew - 1 year ago

    Just contacting you to let you know that your online widget for collecting and tabulating votes for “Catch of the Year” is being manipulated from a server location outside of the US. I noticed and tracked this because some of the local players here in the Bay Area found it highly improbable that any video that does not contain a tight perspective showing the drama of a compelling catch would advance through to the semifinals via double digits, let alone reach the finals. 

    The other reason I looked into this is that I learned that a couple voters here locally admitted that they had found a really simple workaround which enabled them to vote hundreds of times themselves from a single device via a single browser by simply launching the “private” mode of a cell phone-based browser app and then voting about 50 times before then clearing the browser’s history cache and beginning the voting barrage all over again. Then these enterprising kids contacted ultimate friend’s on rival sides of these matchups across the country and confirmed that the system has no security, and thus there is no integrity to the so-called contest you are ostensibly running. But you probably already know this because the reality is born out by the sheer volume of total votes cast which far, far outstrips the basic total aggregate audience for the entire sport of ultimate and Ultiworld’s entire user base.

    It’s time to call a “spirit timeout” on the bogus contest you are running because you are promoting one set of rules overtly while enabling and even in a sense encouraging massive fraud with a voter widget that inherently lacks even basic security. Beyond that if you gather and store personal information on your server it might also likely be inadequately fire-walled. 

    Unless you immediately look into this and publish a transparent addendum to the online “Catch of the Year” so-called contest then you will be right in line with the current US political atmosphere which rewards consciously fraudulent conduct on all sides. Does Ultiworld want to use disengenuous online contests which are primarily designed to drive website traffic to encourage the next generation of our athletes who will grow to be politically active citizens to willfully engage in systematic misconduct in ordered to “come out on top.” You will be reinforcing the notion that nothing in our culture is accountable which leads to the “so why should I care” mindset. I thought the sport of ultimate was better than that, but at this point I’ve begun to realize that it’s just a more palatable flavor of the cultural and “sporting” life that it pretends to transcend. 

    Self-refereed my ass. . . You’re game is way out of bounds. 

    Signed, Best Perspective 

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