Will Summer get what she wants?


  • Cordella Bignall - 5 years ago

    Summer is a spoil brat, this week she wants Billy n then next week she wants Kyle , because billy her mom's man doesn't want her she now wants Kyle.plz let her fly away on a broom n leave Kyle n Lola alone, because he truly loves her.

  • Denise Matte - 5 years ago

    She needs to go so Kyle & Lola can be happy!

  • Margaret - 5 years ago

    Let her give the liver and go . Let Kyle and Lola be happy,Summer is the worst thing that happened to y&r get rid of her. She runs every sseen she is in.I can't stand her she has to go

  • Margaret - 5 years ago

    Let her donate the liver and disappear so Kyle and Lola can be together I hate her on this show she runs every scene she's in

  • Kellie - 5 years ago

    Jeez I don’t know if it’s the actress or the character. But I can’t bare to watch Summer. She absolutely drives me mental. Get rid of her for good...please!!!

  • Linda grindle - 5 years ago

    Get rid of summer don't let her be a matcb

  • francesca bailey - 5 years ago

    Kyle originally loved Summer but their love was ill-fated because of Sharon's treacherous paternity switch.Summer became rebellious and changed for the worst,but I think that she deserves a chance with Kyle because their love for each other was manipulated. Summer should change back to a good girl ,sorry for her mistakes image.Kyle should remember how badly he really loved her and fall for her again.They deserve a second chance. It would also be interesting to have another Abbott marry a rival Newman. Lola should recover and continue her good image.I think that someone who is steadfast in their moral codes is a refreshing add to soap opera scripts, Lola should be matched with a new love who will sweep her off her feet. I think Lola is a character who should achieve her dreams,but I think Kyle and Summer belong together.

  • Barbara Louise - 5 years ago

    Worst character ever on Y & R. Please get rid of her.

  • Sharon Cox - 5 years ago

    She needs to go leave.

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