What Did The Phillies Get In The Bryce Harper Deal?

  • a bargain
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  • an overpay
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  • a fair market price
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  • Dan - 1 year ago

    Any GM that signs ANY player for over 8 years should be canned, immediately. If I was the owner, that’s all it would take for me. There’s SO much that can go wrong in that time.

    THIRTEEN YEARS.... And then to award a no-trade clause on top of it. LOL. Absolute idiocy.

    He’s gonna be absolute garbage in about 6 years. At that point, you’ll still have SEVEN years left of a below average, arrogant, clubhouse cancer and his albatross (immovable) contract.

    Be careful what you wish for, Philly fans. Mark my words, you’re gonna massively regret this one. He’s so unbelievably overrated, it isn’t even funny.

  • David - 1 year ago

    Bryce would have been better off getting out of the NL east, every team knows how to pitch to him or around him. Boras thinks MLB revolves around him, sorry sir but that is a lie. The Phillies are not exactly the best team around and they had a pretty decent outfield. Herrera might be better than Harper anyways.

  • Phoenix Records - 1 year ago

    Even if the Phillies get nine solid years out of Harper (certainly not a given but within the realm of possibility), they'll still be on the hook for over $100M...

  • Manny trillo - 1 year ago

    I just urinated in my sink.

  • Bake McBride - 1 year ago

    I was a better player.

  • Gary Maddox - 1 year ago

    I just farted

  • Paul - 1 year ago

    The money is as big of a problem as the years are. The Phillys front office must have been smoking crack to make this deal. It will go down as one of the worst contact in baseball history.

  • Not a Union Toadie - 1 year ago

    So apparently a .249 batting average, 100 rbi's and below average defense is now worth $330 million? Massive overpay!

  • AlCortezLover - 1 year ago

    There is absolutely no reason anyone needs to make more than 10 million a year, and certainly not this over-rated clubhouse cancer. He will be making 25 mill per year at age 37 when he will be a below average player- insanity.

  • Sam - 1 year ago

    Keuchel, Kimbrel, Adam Jones while more outlay next few years would have put more people in the seats with a truly competitive team

  • Wayne tisdale - 1 year ago

    Bruce Harper was a terrible influence in the Nationals clubhouse. He would mill around and play pocket pool in his pants and constantly go to the bathroom and comb his hair.

  • Eli - 1 year ago

    Do people really read this site? It's hard to argue that one WAR is worth $7MM on the low end. As in $7MM is a low estimate. On Harper's very down year last year he had 1.5. But on his best year he had 10. He averages about 4 a year, which works out to about $28MM/Year as a low estimate on his salary. He got $25.4MM (if I'm remembering correctly) AAV. You get two of those 10 WAR seasons and he's worth almost half the contract in two years. Sure, you pay too much on the back end but you get an absolute bargain on the front end. It evens out almost always. Robbie Cano has been a steal thus far in
    his contract. This narrative that these players are overpaid has gotta stop. It's not their fault our society values the sport that highly. The owners raked in $10B last year just because they're people rich enough to own a team. These are the people putting out the product. Yeah they're getting paid that money to play a game but the owners are making billions more paying people to play a game. Which is really more frustrating. The players are the ones generating that revenue, and their share of that revenue has gone down almost 10% in the last 20 years or so. These players aren't the enemies. They provide the product in a huge entertainment industry, and I'd rather the money goes to the people we love to watch. Bryce could've made $400MM before the owners decided to just stop paying people. Not easy to look past a man getting $30MM for playing a game, I get that. But it's just the same as actors, musicians, any other entertainers. Their value rests on the public's evaluation of their product... and you wouldn't be on this site if you didn't love baseball. Support our players!!! They're the ones working to make the game we love an entertaining one. Owners are trying to change everything about it even though they're taking in literally Billions of dollars. That's where the real shame lies.

  • Steve watermelon - 1 year ago

    Harper is a chronic farter and overall a fairly average player. He also has stinky armpits.

  • Shawn - 1 year ago

    Harper is not a great baseball player way overated and way over paid

  • SocraticGadfly - 1 year ago

    I would characterize this as a big lose for Boras, no matter how much he's been spinning it.

  • Sufferfortribe - 1 year ago

    When will this insanity of overpaying athletes end?

  • Montana Blue - 1 year ago

    His play on the field doesn’t warrant this kind of money. But it was a good business decision; fan excitement, turnstiles, marketing. The owners will get every penny worth. But the fans will turn on him after year 5 when his production diminishes.

  • Aaron Nelson - 1 year ago

    I meant firesale

  • Aaron Nelson - 1 year ago

    I meant firesale

  • Aaron Nelson - 1 year ago

    I meant firesale

  • Aaron Nelson - 1 year ago

    That's a lot of time with the same team. What if they have a firewall with the rest of the team and Harper is the lone millionaire?

  • Bob butterman - 1 year ago

    The fact is when with the Nationals Harper would pick his nose and whip the snot and bogies all over door knobs and dugout seats. He thought it was funny to mix snot and bogies in the sunflower seeds bag. OVERPAID!

  • Joseph Findeis - 1 year ago

    its front loaded bud. read a little before bitching.

  • Joe mcilvaine - 1 year ago

    Typical owner contract, they want to spread out/backend the money. The GM wants less years and more upfront money so he's tradeable in time. Never, never, never give a blanket no trade clause!

  • Deb - 1 year ago

    Anyone making this kind of money is ridiculous.

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