Did the Senators make the right decision to fire Guy Boucher now?

  • Nancy - 1 year ago

    Another bad decision by Dorion. The Senators fan base will dwindle more if he continues to make these types of decision. I really think Dorion is a way over his head in being gm.

  • mike - 1 year ago

    Seems to me that the only thing Dorion is good at is proving he is a moron. Why fire the coach with so little time left on both his contract and this nightmare of a season?

  • Axel Brosi - 1 year ago

    the correct decision -- Boucher and the team are an absolute disgrace and embarrassment for Canada and management is no better

  • Mazda Sailor - 1 year ago

    So stupid ... it's like removing the 4 tires of a car racer and after that to tell him that he is fired because he is not winning enough races !!!

  • Justop - 1 year ago

    So Dorion said he feels that the clubs play has slipped lately. REALLY ? DO YOU THINK? Wonder why???

  • Greg Milsom - 1 year ago

    Dorion is a joke... A lackey for an owner who is running out money and is tearing down the team. Don't forget that Dorion chased after Duchene for years... Just had to have him. Now whats he got. No Duchene no Turris. No high draft pick.
    Dorion was a good scout but he is way over his head as a GM.

  • eez - 1 year ago

    Ignoring the huge issues with the GM and Owner, getting rid of Boucher now makes some sense, but none of the sports writers have seen this angle .... which says something about their analysis skills.

    Boucher was not going to be back next season, so why not put the team under the guidance of a new head coach, one that MIGHT very well be the head coach next season. These last few weeks would give them a head start on any new systems Crawford implements.

    As for coaching candidates ..... get serious .... Jacques Martin is not going to come back to this circus. I wouldn't be surprised if his salary in Pittsburgh is more than what Cheapnyk would be willing to cough up.

    Vigneault will get a good job elsewhere, and I can't imagine he wants any part of the gong show in Ottawa.

    If I were Troy Mann, I'd shy away from the Head Coach job. Given there have been 10 head coaches since Melnyk took ownership in 2003, Mann would likely be fired within 2 years, and that wouldn't look good on his resume. He'd be far better off to take an Assistant position in a good organization.

  • Andre - 1 year ago

    Dorion is a lunatic and he can't make a good assessment of his team. He has traded the 5 best players of the team from last year (Hoffman, Karlsonn, Duchesne, Dzingel and Stone) but he keeps repeating this team should be better than what their record is showing. Trade the 5 best players from any team an see I they will do. A young team will be inconsistent and that is exactly what happen this year. Some night they are good and some night they are bad.

  • Gary - 1 year ago

    How did the gm not see what was coming getting rid of Karlsson, Hoffman, Dechene,Dzingle. I agree get rid of the GM

  • joe - 1 year ago

    fire the general manger too also get rid of the owner

  • Eric - 1 year ago

    The problem is nobody can fired the owner. He might be doing a few things right, he might be in financial debt, but at the same time, he's destroying his reputation. How can be bounce back where Ottawa says good job, thank you, etc.. Unless he pulls a miracle to build a new arena downtown and or start investing more in building a championship team, than maybe that will help him, but base on the decisions, the comments and what the GM has done, its like throwing everything in the water, its that bad. Boucher is best known for coaching old players with talents, but could do better with younger players. I agree about the coaching changes, but no need to do it now, he's a good person, let him finish the season. If the GM was smart enough, he would have sign Stone to long term in July 2017 when the Sens where 1 goal away to the Stanley Cup final. Worst GM to think that signing in last minutes would work. Melnyk would have lost less money if the team didn't go into a full rebuild. He should had found a way to keep Hoffman, Stone, Duchene, Dzingle. The Karlsson/Hoffman situation, he should have communicated with both of them individually to learn more about that and how to fix it to determined which one to keep in Ottawa or how to make it work to keep them both. The GM lacks of confidence and determination.

  • John - 1 year ago

    Firing the wrong people. First to go should have been the GM and the owner.

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