Who's the best guy for Sarah?


  • Sandi Beach - 4 years ago

    OOPS mis typed....Nicole is filming

  • Sandi Beach - 4 years ago

    Nicole is definately coming back, she's now filing, but you know Days...it is months behind! I feel Sarah will get close wwwith Eric & then Nicole pops in!

  • Lee - 4 years ago

    I don't like Eric with Sarah because it seems that Eric always goes after his brother's girlfriend and that does not sit well with me.. he has the self-righteous attitude like he can do no wrong but what he did to Brady was wrong and he did not want to shoulder any of the blame for it and now he's doing the same thing all over again with Rex I see why his relationship with Jennifer didn't work out because she was not dating one of his brother's

  • Angela Wolf - 4 years ago

    Eric with Sarah UNLESS Nichole comes back . Which I really want to see!

  • Missy, - 4 years ago

    Eric w Nicole
    Rex w Sarah

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