DO you want VW to bring the I.D. BUGGY to production?


  • judd doe - 4 years ago

    you suck -- why the hell "put this out there" if you never plan to make it available

    I got screwed by an a--hole that took me for a ride cause I wanted a dbug so bad

    still do -- this is IT

  • Christer Öhman - 4 years ago

    Yes, I think this is the new expensive market.

  • Chris in Melbourne, F.L. - 4 years ago

    Find myself wondering if it is off road only. Hope not.

  • Tom Sarkis - 4 years ago

    I want one

  • Ron - 4 years ago

    I want one.....

  • Wendy - 4 years ago

    Can't wait. Had a buggy 25 years ago. Definitely a blast from the past :)

  • Jeffery Ferg - 4 years ago

    Sand rail from the past
    A blast!
    What an idea!

  • Baig - 4 years ago

    Excellent design
    2+2 is more good
    Convertible should also baig an option

  • Walter Gawel - 4 years ago

    Or at least make the molds available to some high-quality aftermarket company that can take the rolling chassis and put that body on it

  • Robert G. Runyon - 4 years ago

    A great opportunity to show the world that electric vehicles don't have to be high end or "serious" commuter vehicles. We need something.that says fun in form and function. "Take me out and play"!

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