Who should be the 2018-19 Rockland wrestler of the year?


  • #GetBrendanNominated - 4 years ago

    Brendan Should be nominated, what’s wrong with you?

  • Kieran - 4 years ago

    Hi. My name is Kieran Ryan, Senior wrestler out of Tappan Zee High School. I started my wrestling quest at the modified level and continued on JV through my Freshman, Sophmore, and Junior years. I floated around the 182 weight class through those years and last year became the Junior Varsity county champion at 170 pounds even though I missed weight that morning at the 160 weight class. This year was my time to shine. With an opening in the lineup at 152 I cut my brains out to get down to weight and defend my Varsity spot. I wrestled through the first half of the year pretty decent but my weight was a factor, when Christmas came that 2 pound allowance saved me a couple bucks on Pedialyte and made the cut a bit easier. In the month of January I had my mind set on the Rockland county championships. The week before counties I was focused on something just as important, my final home match, senior night. I ran out on the mat in my home gym for the last time... knowing that I have never won a wrestling match in this gym made it even more nerve racking. I ended up going out there and getting 6 for my team in front of a massive home (senior night) crowd of a whopping 18 people. The day finally came and I was the 7 seed, I may have got lat dropped a couple times throughout the day but I somehow found myself in the 5th place match. I knew I could do it... shut up all those haters especially that guy Vince from lohud that didn’t even have me making to this match. I ended up losing that match but still wasn’t too upset knowing that I had many people sleeping on me going into that tournament as the 7 seed and ending up placing 6th. Now it was time to refocus on quite possibly the last tournament of my career...divisions. One week later I found myself weighing in at 154 pounds for what I though would be the last time... but it wasn’t. U already know I went full send and lat dropped myself all the way into the third place match. In this match I would end up lat dropping another tough yet very respectful opponent to receive my bronze medal and a trip to sections(even tho I already qualified by making the 3rd place match). Sections came around and I was for sure this time that sometime throughout the day I would have my last high school wrestling match. I ended up going two and out and it was very unfortunate to realize that the sport that I dedicated my life and reputation to would come to an end for me. I ended up finishing the season with somewhere around a 13-16 record. May have not been above .500 but was still acceptable for my first year on varsity. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was not even supposed to make that 5th place match at counties, or win my final home match, or even qualify for sections, but in the end I DID. That’s what matters. So Vince I would like you to know that I and extremely upset that I am not even in the conversation for Rockland County Wrestler of the Year. Thank you.

  • Brendan - 4 years ago

    Hello. My name is brendan Whooley. I am a little dumb founded I’m not on this list. As all my fans know, I had a competitive loss in the out brackets at county’s, and also looked very good in an 0-2 showing at divisions. I know I’m only a sophmore, but me and shan will be devastated if I don’t get the award. Thank you all. Please use the hashtag #GetBrendanNominated and get it trending on twitter. Thank you.

  • Liz Zurla - 4 years ago

    Rockland county wrestler of the year !!

  • Section 1 Fan - 4 years ago

    Jake has dominated his opponents all throughout the postseason while some how flying under the radar. He Is a humble competitor and deserves the title of Wrestler of the Year.

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