Should Manitoba abolish changing our clocks for daylight saving time?

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Poll posted 7 months ago.


  • RICK - 7 months ago

    Switch to DSt / summer time and leave it there. More family lime in summer and winter. who want to play baseball in the dark?

  • Marilyn Schulkins - 7 months ago

    It's not so much the losing an hour of sleep, as the following day is Sunday and most people can sleep on a bit later anyway. But when it is so much darker in the morning when people are driving to work and kids are walking to school there is a safety issue and an overall drain on emotions to start the day. It is far less important in the evening for leisure activities than it is in the morning. For the last several years I have actually referred to it as daylight LOSING time!!

    It wasn't quite so bad when the time change took place the last Sunday of April, when the mornings were getting lighter anyway, but doing it so early in March is absolutely ridiculous!!!

  • Mike - 7 months ago

    This bill proposes rolling back in November, but I think that's a mistake: we should be rolling forward and then staying forward, light in the evening is far more valithat light in the morning.

  • Candis Harik - 7 months ago

    Totally against this time change crap! Leave it the same all year long and be done with it. It's a stupid idea that just screws up our bodies from birth to old age.

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