How long should you spend down there?

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  • Nicholas Toth Parham - 3 years ago

    The blowjob is as intimate as it gets. My first was so fumbling and nervous but still a trooper. I felt like I was so vulnerable. That's the thing , everyone (at the time) talked about men in a dominant role but it's not like that at all. Even on her knees she is in control and I'd have it no other way. Casual blowjobs are hard to find. I like those. I like to talk and offer her breaks or a storyline she can tell amidst groans and smacking sounds. I like to receive them as rewards or sometimes with special ladies I like them to do it in front of a girlfriend. So they can feel vulnerable to . Her girlfriend giving her tips until, " well might as well come over and show me"! I love doubles

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