How Would You Grade The Orioles' Offseason?

  • von preusser - 2 years ago

    sign shields

  • John Ho - 2 years ago

    You can try to compete and rebuild at the same time.
    one might argue that they were so bad, the whole
    team needed to be blown up; one forgets they
    got so bad because they got rid of just about
    all the good players. Attendance has declined
    every year for years now and is going to hit bottom
    this year. For a team with such deep tradition,
    it is very sad. There is money from revenue sharing
    and contracts gotten rid of. Don't tell me it is all
    going into the new technology. Money is going into
    the owners' pockets ; that is where most is going.

  • Brewers! - 2 years ago

    As a Brewer fan, I can say that hiring a young, progressive, analytically minded GM from Huston was probably a fantastic move. Bringing in Elias definitely makes this a successful offseason for them.

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