Do you think vaccines should be mandatory for school children?

  • Katrina - 1 year ago

    If people only knew that the reason why people are contracting measles so much these days is bc we’ve lost natural immunity (the only guaranteed protection from any pathogen, as it lasts for life) from over vaccination. If anyone has done research on how vaccines work, they know that there are adjuvants in all vaccines (toxic compounds used to induce a strong immune system response so that the vaccine will actually work; without aluminum or formaldehyde, for example, the vaccine would be almost completely ineffective). So these toxic compounds get your immune system on high alert and temporarily overworking to protect itself. During the time your body is recovering from the stress of the vaccine, your immune system is somewhat suppressed, meaning you are very likely to contract another pathogen during this time (not the one you were vaccinated against). And you have to remember that a vaccine is only very temporary immunity (a few weeks of protection, if it works for your individual body) and you will have to continue to get booster shots. But now your immunity has only lost strength, gained nothing in the long-term due to the toxicity of those compounds, which remain within your fat tissues for the rest of your life, leading to bioaccumulation (like when you eat mercury from fish), until you dislodge them with a heavy metal detox. These heavy metals will suppress your immunity and mental health (as they are neurotoxins), depending on how much has accumulated, all the while that they stay in your body. We must also acknowledge that so called herd immunity (population being fully vaccinated) will still not prevent people from contracting these viruses as natural immunity of the individual is the only thing that matters in terms of contracting a virus. It’s ridiculous that people believe the propaganda pushed about vaccinations by news stations & governments seeing as they have a share in the profits made by healthcare institutions purchasing vaccinations to give to people. Especially since they simply state that vaccinations will save us, when the science doesn’t particularly support this. As well, a major pharmaceutical corporation, Merck, have been in court for the last 10 years being sued for falsifying data of the effectiveness of the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. Do the research for yourself, it’s very important that a person can make a decision for themselves about vaccines when looking at the mechanisms through which they function, and to distinguish an agenda for profit, from fact and legitimate scientific study.

  • Mary Wilson - 1 year ago

    So Stephen Mandel wants mandatory vaccinations for all school children? Let him go FIRST!...and since they are so ‘safe and effective ‘ let him have the dosage adjusted for his weight just as a small child. This means if a 10 lb infant receives 6 vaccines, 180lb Mr Mandel can revive 6x18 =108 vaccines in one sitting (all perfectly safe & effective)

    How about it Mr Mandel? Lead by example and take your 108 vaccines to keep the rest of society safe.

  • John Carver - 1 year ago

    Every. Single. Time.

  • Christina - 1 year ago

    What about teachers, administrators and school staff who are with the kids every day. There is no requirement for them to be immunized. Why not start there? Or with Arline staff or hospital staff to reduce the transmission risks?

  • Glen Davidson - 1 year ago

    We didn't require vaccines to be an annual event in the 1970's, 80's, 90's, or even the beginning of the 2000's, but all of a sudden, our criminal governments (working together with Big Pharma) are promoting and propagating vaccines like every one is going to die. This is pure psych-opp, Vaccines should not ever be mandatory anywhere, I had 2 shots in the 1960's and have never had any since, not even a flu shot. I never get sick or had the flu in years. People need their immune system to work out viruses. Try living better, and more knowledgeable life. People are Dumb Down to idiots today.

  • Jen - 1 year ago

    Cause people are a$$holes Darlene

  • Darlene - 1 year ago

    Have people lost all sense of logic and rational thinking? If vaccines work, and your child is vaccinated, why the hell should you care if other children are not vaccinated?

    And if you're so terrified of other non-vaccinated children, what about their teachers? Are you going to demand they be forced vaccinated too?

    Come on people! Wake the hell up! This is all about fear mongering to force mandates on vaccines. It is absolutely ridiculous.

    And, since vaccines are not without risk. What happens to a child that suffers a vaccine injury? Will we continue to ignore their parents stories as the current attitude appears to be? It is utterly appalling and evil the way parents who share their child's vaccine injury stories are ridiculed and shamed. Why are they being silenced? Why will no one listen to them?

  • Sig Zierath - 1 year ago

    Folks who are calling for more and mandatory vaccinations are probably well meaning, but sadly are carrying the disease called the mass mind created by the vaccine industry. They feel smugly secure in their beliefs because they think they are right and have the support of "science", and don't have to check their facts. Have governments always made wise choices for us? Has science ever been wrong? Or manipulated? Has any pharmaceutical company ever cheated and covered up harmful products? How do these politicians expect us to vote for and trust their wisdom if they choose to make statements of policy without knowing all aspects of a subject? Talk is cheap, let the evidence speak too.

  • Holly - 1 year ago

    It is ludicrous to think that it would be manniditory. That is the only thing we have left and 100% control over is our own bodies and that right and freedom should never be taken away from us. I will move countries or provinces before I’m forced to inject myself and my children with a substance that has not proven to be safe or 100% effective.

  • Cris Tailor - 1 year ago

    why does the mention of the word 'vaccies' bring out the crazy in some people? No party or politician can deliver on a campaign pledge which is esentially illegal, immoral, unethical, unconstitutional and contrary to the Nuremburg Code. Doctors would simply not comply. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms would need to first be suspended in order to pass or enforce a law that made drugs mandatory. This is simply a trial balloon to see what public opinion will say about it. No party would be so foolish as to commit political suicide on such a flimsy issue like vaccines. Forcing mass injections would start a civil war. No one can do this unles we are placed under martial law and had our rights and freedoms suspended.

  • Sandro Bove - 1 year ago

    I am so angry at the unbalanced reporting of this topic on mainstream news. There are hundreads and likely thousands of very smart people, who are doctors, scientists, parents that have concens about this issue. They are massive activists on this topic, and frankly experts. They are not allowed to speak via a mainstream platform.
    Global, CBC, all of them have been carpured by pharma.
    How about stop talking about Measles they way you have and simply fear mongering....write a simple scientific baked story taling about how we can create a healthy immune system for our kids. Making sure the eat foods high in vitamin A. If a child gets the measles thay could be supplimented with Vitamin A. Measles wont be able to run its wrath if there is vitamin a.

    How about that story!!!!!!

  • CYoung - 1 year ago

    Let’s be honest for a second. I’m not for all vaccines and I’m not against all. But one thing is for certain, if government can force you to get vaccinated what else will they start forcing you to do?
    Once you start giving away your rights, there’s no going back in the short term

  • Matt Kay - 1 year ago

    Burke Lowry? I would love to tie you to my tailpipe and DRAG YOU DOWN THE ROAD. Wrap your mouth around my exhaust system and FLOOR IT ON THE HIGHWAY you're so damned DUMB. You people who know NOTHING ELSE but BREEDING need to be injected with POTASSIUM CHLORIDE. Know what that is??? Ahhhhhhhhh, no you don't. I answered that FOR YOU. It is what is put into LETHAL INJECTIONS. Know what else it is put into? DASANI WATER. That's right, "folks." You ain't my "folks." You are white pieces of dung. All you whites who voted "YES!!!!!!!!!" for this need to be given to Shi*ler and SHOT against a brick wall like the fake jew were in their hollowhoax. You people are so damned DUMB it is unbelievable. Mandatory this, mandatory that. Soon, you'll need a licence to BREATHE - oh, we already DO - it's called the CARBON TAX. That's why True Dough hasn't been SHOT because the gas prices are low!!! (The only thing you "people" care about...) Fawking 66 vaccines by the time their 6 years old. GTFO of here. And you have the NERVE to call people "conspiracy theorists." NONE of you have done ANY real research on what COMPANIES DO TO PEOPLE. Work in a factory and you will see just how much they "care" about consumers.... This is nothing but a MONEY GRAB. THATS IT, THATS ALL. '' 7 BILLION of you "people." 99% of ya have ZERO brains.

  • Matt Kay - 1 year ago

    You pieces who are *FOR* vaccines deserve to LITERALLY be shot in the head. Literally. Listen. Start slowly. Research what is in DASANI, then gradjewate up to COKE and PEPSI. Fetuses are in them. That is correct; FETUSES from you "people" who KILL your babies. You people have NOTHING beneficial to say but "OMGZ! They're all 'conspiracy theorists'!!!!" No, "anti vaxxers" are NOT "conspiracy theorists," they are RESEARCHERS. Keep letting in doctors from countries that have mosquitoes for breakfast and you will GET your dream of vaccinations from everything from the flu (sick for 3 lousy days) to the sniffles when you warm up your car in the morning... Ever find it odd how TPTB haven't found a cure for the common COLD or the FLU yet there are aisles and aisles of ********* products said to help you out??? LOL. You "edJEWcated" people know NOTHING but what the jew tells you on its' media. You probably STILL believe that 6 million died, too, eh???!!! LMFAO Stupid, stupid Canadians. "MANDATORY VACCINES?!?!?!" LOL. What's gonna happen is this. Mandatory CARBON TAX - that is the AIR you exhale, by the ******** way, and you'll get your 666 mandatory vaccinations for your brat. This big fat SLOB has NO purpose in life but to pump out babies and drive them around. Probably is on welfare, too because of McDonald's and because kids don't have the TIME for exercise anymore because DOCTORS and the IDIOTS you people VOTE FOR found a PERFECT WAY to get you to spend money: carbon taxes and vaccines allllllllllllll over the ******** damn place. You people outta be SHOT you are so stupid. LIBYA was a better country than this thing we got going here until NATO and your JU.S. allies bombed the **** out of them.. Go make more things "mandatory" ya dumb idiots...

  • Burke Lowry - 1 year ago

    we must get serious about vaccinations. The anti-vaxers have gained ground with there crazy thoughts and theories and the people who have vaccinated there children have kept the whole populations relatively healthy but not so much anymore. The illnesses are creeping back little by little so I hope you anti - vaxers don't have to earn the hard way !!!

  • Gen Warford - 1 year ago

    Mandatory vaccinations are simply NOT ALLOWED. The CANADIAN CONSTITUTION clearly states no one can force anyone to take any injections. PERIOD. So stop scarring the poor people and start doing your job! YOU WORK FOR THE PEOPLE! Not the other way around. The people say NO!

  • Bob - 1 year ago

    Vaccines are toxic

  • Lisa - 1 year ago

    Donna K Porter Why is it acceptable for the government to force any medical procedure on anyone? Especially one which *will* kill some of those forced. You are voting for government mandated murder because every vaccine carries the risk of death.

    We've been here before, people. It didn't go well. It brought us eugenics ( those laws were based on the mandatory vaccine laws of the time) and ultimately the Nuremberg code, which forced vaccination violates. It also violates our Charter. Any government who tries to force vaccines is violating the laws of this country, not to mention medical ethics, bodily autonomy and multiple international agreements. But sure, let's let terror of a rash & fever cause us to give up our rights to our bodies and hand those rights to the government. That can't possibly go wrong.

    Never give up your freedom for the illusion of safety.

  • Jen - 1 year ago

    This whole thing is a joke. The argument that is the most ridiculous is why can your unvaxxed kid go to school to potentially spread preventable disease? Give me a break. My kids not carrying measles around in his pocket for one. Can't spread something he doesn't have for two. Third, who says my child's life is not important????? Cause that's also what you are saying. Vaccines kill and injure, that's a fact!!! The pro valuers seem to completely ignore that fact as if it does not exist, we'll it does

  • Len - 1 year ago

    You've got it reversed there Ed. With todays vaccines peoples lives will end up being shortened. I know and have known multiple people who are in their 90's or have lived past 100 and never received a vaccine in their lives. They are/were still living on their own and driving themselves around as well. If you think the cancer rate it high now, wait and see how it rises in the future. Not to mention Alzheimers and Dementia.

  • Phil - 1 year ago

    ** Yeah, nice try there Levi. You just don't want the truth to be shown. My vote selected the appropriate answer just fine **

    Keep voting everyone, Let your voice be heard!

  • ED PEEBLES - 1 year ago

    Without Vaccination we are losing a big Advantage in the odds of survival of people !

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Levi seriously? Not how voting works. That said what’s clear is the articles survey likely didn’t have a representative sample since they suggest majority of Canadians are for vaccination at 70%

  • David Johns - 1 year ago

    I had measles, mumps and chicken pox in grade school. Was a few days in bed , no big deal. Since then I’ve had worse suffering from colds. I watch a seminar with 300 doctors present in the states. Question was put to them to raise their hands if they have seen vaccines damage children with autism. Most all put up their hands. Then again who has seen a child die from measles, know one raised their hand.
    Vaccines are nothing but a cash cow for Pharma and their buddies and lobbyists,

    These Abgus polls are skewed like out agenda driven politics. You can skew anything these days with a click of a mouse

  • Levi - 1 year ago

    **DO NOT VOTE**

    Logically people should be voting ‘yes’ on the matter, but clicking ‘yes’ results in your vote being a ‘no’.

    **I just recently experienced this and I’m just passing on the information**

  • Silvia - 1 year ago

    Margareth. You said you are 60 yo and that you got Measles. You born in 1959. Measles was developed in 1963. You were 4 years old by then. How could you have had measles vaccine? Explain it to us please. How old was you when you got the measles? People who are 60yo have had polio vaccine and the more actual flu if you follow the mainstream media. Do not tell us that you are fully vaxxed because i believe you are totally misinformed. Look at the CDC website and see the list of vaccines kids receive today. Its over 74 doses of vaccines. Kids get 6 vaccines in a single well viste to the pediatric. Did you know that? 2 in each leg and 1 in each arm? Have you ever got 6 vaccines in a single day? The CDC schedule today is not the same one you had when you were a kid or had babies. By the way, do you have your vaccine card to show proof of your statement? I bet you never took a Measles or MMR vaccine on your life

  • Silvia - 1 year ago

    Dont you have any other real thing that you could do for kids? Maybe look up for nutrition values, less french fries, less hot dog and more fruits and vitamin? Dont you think the kids has parents to care for their needs? Why dont you invest in a campaign for less pesticides and less round-up on kids meals? Looks like you are looking for pharma money waving a flag that you are on their side. You may not win the election. I hope.

  • Majka L. - 1 year ago

    Most people who are against vaccines are ex-vaxers who saw their kids suffer or loose life after the shots.
    Vaccine injuries are underreported, so the number of vaccine injured kids is way higher.
    If vaccines were safe without aluminum, retroviruses, preservatives and aborted fetal cells, this debate wouldn' be taking place.
    In the 80's the vaccines had more viruses in them and didn't have aluminum which is a neurothoxin.

    Watch Christopher Exley research on aluminum who researched autustic brains tissues and found very high aluminum levels in them.

  • Silvia - 1 year ago

    Dont you have any other real thing that you could do for kids? Maybe look up for nutrition values, less french fries, less hot dog and more fruits and vitamin? Dont you think the kids has parents to care for their needs? Why dont you invest in a campaign for less pesticides and less round-up on kids meals? Looks like you are looking for pharma money waving a flag that you are on their side. You may not win the election. I hope.

  • Krista - 1 year ago

    It’s crazy that people still don’t recognize that the MMR sheds for 2 wks after administering. So all these immunocompromised people walking around need to protect themselves from anyone who was recently vaccinated. In the 1980s the vaccines we received we received was far less than what our children are receiving today and this is the difference! Until you have seen or know someone who had a child who die within hrs of receiving these vaccines or 6 in one vaccine you just don’t know. I have seen so many healthy children within hours of being immunized have there head swell up 3 x the size it was before, and then they never speak again!! I’ve seen babies die within 24 hrs of getting a vaccine. As a nurse I know it’s not a coincidence I have seen it happen too many times. The current vaccination schedule of 74 vaccines injected into precious children is way too many and people need to wake up. It’s not that we don’t believe in vaccines we don’t believe in the current schedule and how many vaccines are administered at 1 time. It’s not right and too many children are dying or are injured way more than the measles disease itself.

  • K. Palaj - 1 year ago

    I was born and grew up in communist country and came to Canada because od the democracy . But it seems we are loosing our freedom! Forced vaccination/medication is against humans rights and it should be up to everybody to make their own decision!

  • Melissa - 1 year ago

    The moment we give up our medical freedom, we're doomed.
    Don't want to over medicate your ADHD child with medical grade heroin? Too bad. You have no choice.
    Don't want to take Chemo for your cancer because you'd rather go another route? That sucks. You don't have the right to make that decision anymore.
    This isnt just about vaccines anymore. Once we give up our medical freedom, we no longer have a choice in what we put inside our bodies. Don't be so quick to give up that right.

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Brilliant C Kells absolutely brilliant. Beauty is people can fact check everything you posted but we’ve become a lazy and complicit society. Much easier to do what the man in the white coat says I should.

  • Donna K Porter - 1 year ago

    The threat to others makes this very easy. Get the vaccinations. Threatening a life is illegal, why is it acceptable for people to threaten other people's lives by refusing to get vaccinations.

  • Margaret Kennedy - 1 year ago

    My husband and I are in our 60's. We had the measles vaccine and we're alive and well. Not sure what the problem is!

  • Roselynne Sperling - 1 year ago

    My body my choice. I will not be voting for the Alberta Party if this is what their plan is.

    Everything has risks, therefore we should choose what risks we are willing to take. The actual drug inserts for vaccines has a long list of possible side effects. No matter how remote, someone has experienced them. It should be each person's individual choice whether they will play Russia roulette. If we are forced and suffer an adverse reaction, who has to live with that? Not the government who forces. The USA has a vaccine injury compensation program where people have been paid damages if they have suffer injuries or die from a vaccine. There have been billions paid out for vaccine injuries and death in the USA. That should tell you right there that they are not 100% safe and should be a choice.

    Doctors used to prescribe cigarettes, there was bogus scientific studies that 'proved' they were safe. We now know the truth because the truth became too powerful to ignore. It is important that we do our own research. The person who is going to look out for you and your family is you.

    If we give away our rights here, where does it stop? Sterilization? Experimentation?

    This is no longer whether you agree with vaccination or not, its whether you value our individual rights and our rights to choose.

  • C Kells - 1 year ago

    Fact #4: Vaccines are liability free products.

    In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), granting near complete immunity to the vaccine industry. [14] They did so because the industry was at risk of bankruptcy due to the awards it was forced to pay for vaccine-induced injuries and deaths. Shielded from liability, the vaccine industry has unleashed new vaccines upon the public at an unprecedented rate.

    In 1983, children received 23 doses of 7 vaccines between two months and age six. Today, the number has increased to 50 doses of 14 vaccines between the day of birth and age six and 70 doses of 16 vaccines between the day of birth and age 18 (74 if the mother received the TDaP and flu vaccine while pregnant). [15]

    Fact #5. The measles did not become “scary” until the measles vaccine was licensed.

    In 1962, one year prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine, Alexander Langmuir, MD, the “father of epidemiology,” described measles as a “self-limiting infection of short duration, moderate severity, and low fatality. . . .” [16] During the same time period, mothers read the following passage from a 1958 children’s book titled, “Have a happy measle, a merry mumps, and a cheery chickenpox.” [17] Children played with dolls that had the measles, the entire country laughed at the measles in the Brady Bunch, the Flintstones and other TV shows, and parents took their kids to “measles parties” so they could get the measles at the same time and enjoy lifelong immunity.

    By 2017, according to the oft-quoted vaccine enthusiast, Peter Hotez, measles had transformed into one of the most lethal of all human diseases. [18]

    Fact #6. Vaccine-induced immunity is a Pharma-contrived lie.

    Vaccine induced immunity wanes over time meaning that nearly all adults are vaccinated against childhood infections, but virtually none are immune to the targeted infections. [19]

    Furthermore, vaccines fail to produce antibody titers in about 2-10% of vaccine recipients. [20]

    Clearly, we have never reached the fabled 95% needed to provide the fabled vaccine-induced immunity. We can’t lose herd immunity, because we’ve never had it. And even though we’ve never had it, the USA is not breaking out in disease epidemics. (A few dozen cases of measles among 325,000,000 is not an epidemic.)

    Fact #7. Vaccine free children are not dangerous to immunocompromised people.

    Children should stay home from school and adults should stay home from work based on their health status, not their vaccination status. Healthy people can’t spread diseases they don’t have. If the industry were truly interested in protecting immunocompromised children, they would require recently vaccinated people of all ages to avoid the public for several weeks because live viral vaccines shed to the unvaccinated. That single fact demonstrates that banning healthy unvaccinated children from school has no scientific merit and is in fact a form of discrimination based on religious or philosophical beliefs or medical status.

    Fact #8. Government sponsored censorship is a violation of the Constitution.

    Vaccine zealots are now calling for government sponsored censorship purportedly to protect the public from misinformation. They seem to have forgotten what country they live in. The USA is not Communist Russia or Nazi Germany. Censoring facts about vaccine industry corruption and fraudulent science is illegal, un-American, and dangerous. They’re calling for censorship because the science is not on their side.

    Fact #9. Vaccine exemption laws fall under state authority, not the Federal government.

    Recently, Scott Gottlieb the FDA Commissioner said the federal government might have to step in if states can’t reign in vaccine exemptions at the state level. When it comes to vaccine safety, the FDA has failed the American public, failed to support valid science, and, based on Gottlieb’s statement, is now prepared to fail the law: vaccine exemp

  • Val - 1 year ago

    Measles is a dangerous disease that nobody should have to be dealing with in 2019. Immunization is readily available to us & should be taken advantage of for the greater good. Let’s all do our part to eradicate this horrible disease once & for all.

  • C Kells - 1 year ago

    If anyone is interested in the facts!! Ask yourself, are you listening to media and pharma, or did you do your research properly?
    Fact #1. Vaccines are dangerous

    Under federal law, vaccines are legally classified by Congress itself as “unavoidably UNSAFE products.” [1] That’s because there is nothing safe about injecting children, pregnant women, or elderly people with cell and DNA fragments from aborted male and female fetuses, human serum albumin, fetal bovine serum, monkey and canine kidney proteins, egg protein, chick embryo cells and fibroblasts, milk-derived raw materials, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, sodium chloride, neomycin, and polysorbate 80. [2]

    Newer vaccines also include genetically modified ingredients and next generation vaccines are intended to permanently alter human DNA and the human genome. [3] [4]

    As of November, 2018, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out more than $4 billion for vaccine-related injuries and deaths. [5]

    Fact #2. Reduction in infectious disease does not equal improved health

    While there is some evidence that vaccines do in fact provide at least a temporary reduction in targeted diseases, there is also a growing body of evidence that vaccines are the primary cause of a host of chronic diseases. [6] [7]

    Researchers in Africa found a lower incidence of targeted diseases following the administration of the DTP vaccine. They also found that DTP recipients died at 5 times the rate of their unvaccinated peers from non-vaccine-targeted illnesses. [8]

    In a paper published in February 2019, one of the world’s leading authorities on the DTaP vaccine, James D. Cherry, MD, writes, “Because of linked-epitope suppression, all children who were primed by DTaP vaccines will be more susceptible to pertussis throughout their lifetimes, and there is no easy way to decrease this increased lifetime susceptibility.” [9]

    The incidence of chronic disease has grown exponentially both in the US and abroad concurrent with the increase in the liability-free vaccination schedule. In 1976, 1 US child in 30 was learning disabled. In 2013, 1 US child in 6 was learning disabled. [10] The cost of special education is threatening to bankrupt some countries. [11]

    It would be foolish to pin the epidemic of sick and disabled children entirely on vaccines. It would be far more foolish, however, to ignore the obvious connection.

    Thus we see that the bumper sticker slogan “Vaccines are safe and effective” is a lie and any “expert” who makes such a claim while under oath is committing perjury.

    Fact #3. Vaccines are not tested against inert placebos.

    Double blind randomized placebo-controlled trials are the gold standard in science, a standard adhered to when testing new pharmaceutical drugs and a standard ignored by the vaccine industry. In the fraudulent world of vaccine research, a “placebo” is another vaccine, vaccines, or toxic ingredients known to induce autoimmunity in laboratory animals. [12]

    This is by design.

    The toxic ingredients in vaccines injure and kill healthy children. If new vaccines were tested against a saline, inert placebo group, vaccine-induced injuries and deaths could not be hidden. I repeat for emphasis: Researchers intentionally injure and sometimes kill healthy children in their fraudulent “placebo” groups to hide injuries and deaths in their new vaccines. Then they write off the injuries and deaths as “New Medical Events” unrelated to the new vaccine or to the toxic “placebo”, and they pronounce the new vaccine to be safe. Serious adverse events following vaccination in both test groups and “placebo” groups range from 2% to as high as 75% of participants. One study documented 4% of infants in both groups were hospitalized within 30 days of vaccination. [13] The FDA approves new vaccines fully aware that industry “safety tests” are nothing more than scientific treachery.

    Fact #4: Vaccines are liability free products.

    In 1986, Congress pas

  • Ben - 1 year ago

    Compared to over a trillion dollars it is

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Billions of dollars is not an ubsurd amount of money? I’m clearly in the wrong field

  • Arleen Young - 1 year ago

    Forcing vaccines on anyone goes against the Nuremberg code. What goes into my body and my families bodies is MY BUSINESS. I would NOT vote for any political party who pushed this onto the public.

  • Ben - 1 year ago

    Mike, the pharmaceutical industry brought in over 1.32 trillion dollars in the last few years. According to the world health organization estimated global revenues for vaccines is around US$24 billion. In other words, from the Big Pharma perspective, vaccines make up around 1.82% of their total expected revenues. So I wouldn’t say that they are making absurd profits on vaccines

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Which part is the hoax? That it’s a multi billion dollar industry? That they’re making ubsurd profits? Time for some research outside of what you’re reading from CNN.
    Read “Dissolving Illusions” Ben for your explanation. I’ve done my research so I will leverage it as I make my choice on the topic. It’s your perogative if you want to go on blind faith.

  • Ben Giers - 1 year ago

    Mike, vaccines being a hoax run by big Pharma companies to make money is a myth and a conspiracy theory. How do you explain the rise of these preventable diseases with the rise of anti vaccine groups. It is being promoted by the news and governments because they work.

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Very well said Margaret. We’re setting a very dangerous precedent should we go down this path. Are we still living on Canada?
    We have no reason not to trust Pharma is looking out for us, oh wait there was the opioid crisis bublt that’s behind us now. Vaccines are projected to be a $60 billion dollar industry by the end of 2020, of course vaccines are great says the news agencies bringing in revenue from them. Never bite the hand that feeds you...

  • Ben Giers - 1 year ago

    It is your body and your choice but when the decisions that you make to not vaccinate affect everyone around you, it no longer becomes just your choice. Measles could have been gone a long time ago but it isn’t. And that comes with the increase of non-vaccine people. Why would you want to risk you child and everyone’s child?

  • Stan Walker - 1 year ago

    My child can not take anything that MAY contain nuts to school because it may make another child sick so how can some one else send their child to school with the possibility of a deadly disease that can be prevented.

  • Bev Hearn - 1 year ago


  • Carollyne Coulson - 1 year ago

    I was surprized to see comments disappearing as I was reading them. Is this column being censored?

    There is so much controversy around the effectiveness of vaccines, and the safety of them. This topic is too controversial to be an election platform. We have real issues to address in Alberta; we don't need a manufactured public health crisis any more than we need a manufactured climate changed crisis. The record on vaccine scares is a matter of public record... they don't materialize.

    I encourage readers to do some research. Start with for objective information.

  • Margaret Fong - 1 year ago

    Am I reading the schedule incorrectly? Alberta's vaccine schedule recommends three shots at two months, or eight vaccines in total. By the time an infant is one year old, 31 vaccines should be administered if you include the flu shot at six months old and include all booster shots. This is a vast increase in the vaccine schedule since 1980 before vaccines became a liability free product according to Vaccine Choice Canada. Canada is one of the rare industrialized countries without a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. If we are to have mandatory vaccinations, then we deserve the same protection as in Quebec which does have a Vaccine Injury Compensation program.

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